Joining the AISB

Benefits of membership

All Members

  • AISBQ (Quarterly) magazine, which contains concise articles covering the latest research in AI, book reviews, conference reports, opinion pieces, and Father Hacker, in the UK and beyond
  • Weekly e-mail bulletin, which contains the latest news, conference calls, job opportunities and information on worldwide AI events.
  • Reduced registration fees at the annual AISB convention, one of the UK's biggest general AI conferences. Typically this reduced rate makes it more affordable to join the Society and then register for the convention than to attend the convention as a non-member.
  • Reduced registration fees at the ECAI conferences through AISB's membership of ECCAI and all other ECCAI benefits including free access to ECCAI AI Communications from the Members Only Area.
  • Travel awards from both AISB and ECCAI (priority given to student members).
  • Assistance in the formation of local and regional AI Groups through small grants towards recruiting external speakers.

The AISB membership fee is also tax deductable (quote membership to AISB together with your membership number).


Senior Members

If you have been active in the field for more than 5 years and have at least 3 peer-reviewed publications you are eligible for Senior Membership. The extra cost of this type of membership contributes to other areas of the Society e.g., travel grants for student members. In addition to the standard member benefits Senior Members can (if they wish) be listed in the AISBQ and the AISB website.


Institutional and Corporate Members

Institutional and Corporate membership is available to organisations such as university libraries and businesses. Members of both types receive all the standard member benefits. In addition, institutional and corporate members gain:

  • The opportunity to place logos on the Society's web site.
  • Free advertising or features in the AISBQ or on the web site.
  • Free job advertising through the web site.
  • The opportunity to consult the Committee and the Fellows of the AISB


Membership Rates

Membership typeUK/EUInternational
Reduced Rate 
(1 year)
£15 £30
Ordinary (1 year)* £40 £55
Ordinary (3 years)* £110 £150
Senior Member (1 year) £55 £70
Senior Member (3 years) £150 £190
Institutional (1 year) £45 £45
Institutional (3 years) £130 £130
Corporate (3 years) £1000 £1000


Please note that any non-student AISB member can now sign student membership forms as proof of status.


Joining AISB

Joining the Society is really easy: simply print, fill in the membership form and send it to the address given in the membership form.

There are two main methods of payment:


Please complete the Direct Debit instruction fields in the membership form and send the form to the Executive Office with your original signature. Once processed, your account will be debited for one year and each year you will receive a letter reminding you that we will be debiting your account.
Student Offer:
NB. Students who join by Direct Debit will receive 1 year's free membership and their account will be debited once the second year of membership starts.

Membership form
PDF Format


Please use the links and online forms available at the bottom of this page.
NB. If you wish to pay by credit card, you can do so via PayPal. The AISB Executive Office is unable to process credit card payments locally.


Renewing your AISB membership

Renewing your membership is also very easy.


Members paying by Direct Debit will receive a letter close to the date of their membership's expiry date reminding them that we will be debiting their account.
NB. Ordinary members who switch to Direct Debit will receive a £5 reduction to their first year's fees. This applies to old members who do not currently pay by direct debit.

Direct Debit form (for membership renewal only)
PDF Format


Members paying by PayPal will receive a letter each year reminding them that they need to renew their membership.


To join/renew via PayPal, please complete the online forms below:

Membership typeUK/EUInternational
Reduced Rate

Reduced Rate (Student/Unemplored/Retired) (UK/EU) (1 Year)

Reduced Rate (Student/Unemployed/Retired)(International)(1 year)

Ordinary (1 year)

Ordinary Member (UK/EU)(1 year)

Ordinary Member (International)(1 year)

Ordinary (3 years)

Ordinary Member (UK/EU)(3 years)

Ordinary Member (International)(3 years)

Senior Member (1 year)

Senior Member (UK/EU)(1 year)

Senior Member (International)(1 year)

Senior Member (3 years)

Senior Member (UK/EU)(3 year)

Senior Member (International)(3 years)