AISB 2008

April 1-4, 2008

Aberdeen, Scotland

AISB 2008 Convention

Communication, Interaction and Social Intelligence


Best Student Paper Award

There will be a "Best Student Paper" award, with a 250 GBP prize. For a paper to be eligible the first author must be a student at the time of submission, and the work reported in the paper must be primarily that of the student. Student papers should be indicated at submission time by appending "(student)" to the student's name on the first page of the paper. A paper written by more than one student is also eligible.


The AISB will also fund some student scholarships for students who have papers or posters accepted for presentation. Awards will be of up to 300 GBP. The deadline for applications will be 12:00GMT February 23rd. Notification of scholarships awarded will be made by February 25th. Note that you can send your application before you know if your paper is accepted, as we can enquire with the symposium organisers directly. A later deadline will also be announced if all scholarships have not been awarded in the first round. The scholarship will be used to cover registration at AISB’08 and AISB membership if needed. Early registration fees will be charged. After the registration cost is deducted, the remainder of the scholarship will be paid to the student by the AISB treasurer after the convention. The remainder of the scholarship should be used by the student towards the subsistence, accommodation and travel costs they have incurred. If you are awarded a student scholarship then you may submit your conference registration form without payment. Applications for these scholarships can be made by e-mailing the convention organisers (aisb08 at aisb dot org dot uk) with the following information:

Approximate breakdown of cost for your trip:
Value of scholarship sought (max: 300 GBP):
Number of days on which you will attend (1,2,3 or 4):
Symposium Name(s) which you will attend: 	
Title of submitted paper: 	

Aberdeen U

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