AISB 2008

April 1-4, 2008

Aberdeen, Scotland

AISB 2008 Convention

Communication, Interaction and Social Intelligence


Accepted Symposia

Symposium Dates Symposium Title
1 April The Reign of Catz & Dogz; The Second AISB symposium on the role of virtual creatures in a computerised society
1-2 April Affective Language in Human and Machine
1-2 April Persuasive Technology
1-2 April Behaviour Regulation in Multi-agent Systems
2 April Brain Computer Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction
2 April Agent cognitive ability and orders of emergence
3 April Style in text: creative generation and identification of authorship (Half day)
3 April Intelligent Agents and Services for Smart Environments
3-4 April Logic and the Simulation of Interaction and Reasoning
3-4 April Multimodal Output Generation (MOG 2008)
3-4 April Swarm Intelligence Algorithms and Applications
4 April Computing and Philosophy

Theme: Communication, Interaction and Social Intelligence

As the field of Artificial Intelligence matures, AI systems begin to take their place in human society as our helpers. Thus it becomes essential for AI systems to have sophisticated social abilities, to communicate and interact. Some systems support us in our activities, while others take on tasks on our behalf. For those systems directly supporting human activities, advances in human-computer interaction become crucial. The bottleneck in such systems is often not the ability to find and process information; the bottleneck is often the inability to have natural (human) communication between computer and user. Clearly such AI research can benefit greatly from interaction with other disciplines such as linguistics and psychology. For those systems to which we delegate tasks: they become our electronic counterparts, or agents, and they need to communicate with the delegates of other humans (or organisations) to complete their tasks. Thus research on the social abilities of agents becomes central, and to this end multi-agent systems have had to borrow concepts from human societies. This interdisciplinary work borrows results from areas such as sociology and legal systems. An exciting recent development is the use of AI techniques to support and shed new light on interactions in human social networks, thus supporting effective collaboration in human societies. The research then has come full circle: techniques which were inspired by human abilities, with the original aim of enhancing AI, are now being applied to enhance those human abilities themselves. All of this underscores the importance of communication, interaction and social intelligence in current Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science research.

In addition to providing a home for state-of-the-art research in specialist areas, the convention also aims to provide a fertile ground for new collaborations to be forged between complementary areas.

Aberdeen U

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