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James Watt Statue
James Watt Statue - Heriot-Watt University


The AISB 2009 Convention will be held at the Edinburgh Conference Centre which is located on the Riccarton Campus of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. The convention dates are 6th - 9th April and will coincide with the Edinburgh International Science Festival which will run from the 4th - 18th April in 2009. The theme of the AISB 09 convention is Adaptive and Emergent Behaviour and Complex Systems (see below). The convention chair is Dr. Nick Taylor.

Adaptive and Emergent Behaviour and Complex Systems

It seems almost inevitable that, as computing power increases, the systems we develop become more and more complex. This complexity manifests itself at many levels. Examples which spring to mind are connectionist, evolutionary and immune systems; swarm intelligence and social computing; pervasive and ubiquitous computing; and affective computing.

Natural, both biological and social, exemplars are also manifold and offer considerable insight into the theories and algorithms which can be developed for use in artificial self-organising systems. New avenues are continually opening up for intelligent systems which are inspired by natural phenomena.

Furthermore, our increasing reliance on highly complex systems makes ever greater demands on criteria for dependability and usability. Automated theorem proving for program proof in safety critical systems and intelligent interfaces for personalised adaptation in pervasive environments are just two of the many areas in which AI techniques can be used to enhance the human capacity to utilise complex systems effectively.

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