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Workshop on Matching and Meaning

Dr Fiona McNeill (University of Edinburgh)

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Thursday 9th April 2009

Time Session

8.30-09:00 8:30 Registration (Conference Centre Foyer)

08:45 Daily Announcements (James Watt Auditorium)

09:00-10:30 09:00 Welcome

09:05 Fukumoto F, Zahri N. Example-assignment to WordNet Thesaurus based on Distributional Similarity of Words

09:35 Smaill A, Guhe M, Pease A. Relating Small Ontologies

10:05 Sloman A. From Baby Stuff to the World of Adult Science: Developmental AI from a Kantian viewpoint

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break (Posters will be put up)

11:00-13:00 11:00 Giunchiglia F, Zaihrayeu I, Farazi M. Converting Classifications into OWL Ontologies

11:30 Fu B. Multilingual Ontology Mapping: Challenges and a Proposed Framework

11:40 Dietze S, Tanasescu V. Spatial Groundings for Meaningful Symbols

11:50 Kutz O, Normann I. Ontology Correspondence via Theory Interpretation

12:00 Packer H, Gibbins N, Jennings N. Ontology Evolution through Agent Collaboration

12:10 Priddle-Higson A, Priddle-Higson A. Ontology Evolution in Legal Reasoning: A study of ontology interpretation

12:20 Suzuki Y, Fukumoto F. Detecting unknown word senses using concept dictionary

12:30 Wang Y. Dealing with Uncertainty Issues in Complex Ontology

12:40 Zablith F. Ontology Evolution: A Practical Approach

12:50 Zhang R. Automated Access Control Rule Generation via Semantic Matching

13:00-14:00 Poster session and Lunch
(included in Registration fee)

14:00-15:30 Panel Session: The Semantic Web does not require a large, general-purpose common-sense ontology
Speakers: Alan Bundy, Aarom Sloman, Ewan Kline

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session

16:00-17:00 16:00 Vaccari L, Pane J.Ontology matching evaluation using GIS web services

16:30 Thomas H, O’Sullivan D, Brennan R. Evaluation of Ontology Mapping Representations

17:00 Maltese V, Autayeu A. Computing minimal and redundant mappings between lightweight ontologies

17:30 Nikolov A, Uren V, Motta E, de Roeck A. Towards instance coreference resolution in a multi-ontology environment

17:00-18:30 Dinner
(3 courses, available at venue at extra charge)

18:30-19:30 AISB Keynote Talk: Why Robots must be Relativists by Alan Bundy

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