University of YorkThe AISB'11 convention will be held at the University of York

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  • The full, revised list of references to the AISB'11 proceedings is available here: [link].

The UK Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB) is pleased to announce its forthcoming convention to be held at the University of York, York, 4-7 April 2011. The AISB convention is an annual event organised as a number of collocated symposia interspersed with invited plenary talks. The convention will have four invited speakers: Alan Baddeley (York), Katie Slocombe (York), Mark Steedman (Edinburgh) and Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Research). AISB 2011 will consist of the following symposia:

Symposium Call for Papers Home Page Submission Deadline
Active vision (5 April) PDF link 10 Jan 2011
AI and Games (6-7 April, incl. Industry Day)link link 19 Feb 2011
Computational Models of Cognitive Development (5 April) link link 21 Jan 2011
Computing and Philosophy (6-7 April) PDF / poster link 31 Jan 2011
Human Memory for Artificial Agents (4-5 April) PDF link 3 Jan 2011
Learning Language Models from Multilingual Corpora (6 April) link link 26 Jan 2011
Machine Consciousness (6-7 April) link link 18 January 2011
Social Networks and Multiagent Systems (4-5 April) text link 9 Jan 2011
Towards a Comprehensive Intelligence Test (5 April) linklink 11 February 2011

Please send any enquiries to both chairs:

We are looking forward to your submission and participation.

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