AISB Annual Convention

Each year, AISB organises a convention consisting of parallel symposia covering various topics.

If you would like to chair future AISB conventions, then please contact the society chair.

If you would like to obtain proceedings from any of these conventions, then we have some Convention Proceedings but these can also be purchased as print versions. Please contact the AISB Secretary for more details.

The Convention Organisers' Handbook can be accessed here.

AISB 2018

The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation for Behaviour (AISB) is soliciting proposals for symposia to be held at the AISB 2018 convention.


The longest running convention on Artificial Intelligence, AISB 2018 will be held at the University of Liverpool, chaired by Floriana Grasso and Louise Dennis. As in the past years, AISB 2018 will provide a unique forum for presenting cutting edge research and burning issues around all areas of AI. The theme for this year is “AI for the Digital Society”. 


Convention Format

The convention will consist of parallel symposia, and will run from April 4th to April 6th 2018. Symposia will typically span half a day or one day; where the number of high quality submissions is high, a symposium will last more than one day. We welcome and encourage synergies among multiple symposia: where relevant, and depending on the number of submissions, symposia may be merged for a more efficient use of locations. 

Participants are encouraged to stay for the entire convention, and attend plenary keynotes and common social activities. One day registration fees will however be offered. Remote participation via video is discouraged unless full virtual participation can be arranged and full attendance fees paid. Organisers are otherwise offered considerable leeway in the structure of their meetings, but they are required to both provide and conform to a published schedule to facilitate movement between symposia. Symposia can include any type of event of academic benefit: talks, posters, panels, performances, discussions, demonstrations, outreach sessions, etc.


Proposing a symposium

Organisers interested in holding a symposium at AISB 2018 are invited to submit a Proposal including:

  • A symposium title.
  • A 300-1000 word description of the scope of the symposium and its relevance to the convention, along with the nature of the academic events (talks, posters, panels, demonstrations, etc.).Topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Cognitive Phenomena such as Consciousness, Emotions, and Trust
    • Human and Machine Creativity
    • Human-Robot Collaboration
    • Simulation of Human and Animal Behaviour
    • Machine Ethics
    • Machine Learning and/or Knowledge Representation
    • AI for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Robots and Human Mental Health
    • Robots and Human Sexuality
    • Technical Mediation of Robust Communities
    • Modelling Cultural Evolution
    • Simulating Socio Technical Systems
    • AI, sensors and virtual reality
  • The organising committee (names, affiliations, contact details, previous experience in organising research meetings, if applicable).
  • Indication of whether the symposium is intended as a sequel to a previously held symposium or series of symposia at AISB or other events.
  • The proposed call for papers or abstracts, including the format of submissions that will be solicited (e.g. abstract, demo, poster, full/short papers, panels), the review model for accepting the contributions for presentation, and the proposed relevant dates. For reference, typically submission deadlines are late December; acceptance / revision requests are normally notified by February. 
  • In addition, please include:
    • Your preferences about the intended length of the symposium as a number of days (preferably one or two, but anything from half a day to three), together with a brief justification, including the number of anticipated presentations and other participants.
    • Indication, if known already, or applicable, of invited speakers or panelists.
    • If possible, names and affiliations of the preliminary programme committee (please indicate whether they have agreed, even provisionally).

Proposers are welcome to submit–or otherwise be involved with–more than one proposal. Proposers (and attendees) need not already be members of the AISB and will not be required to become members, but will have the opportunity to join should they wish to. The format of submissions is defined by the organisers of the individual symposia, but any final papers or abstracts for the proceedings should conform to the AISB style available from the AISB web page. Chairs or individual authors may decide whether to publish their papers in an archival format; proceedings will have an ISSN provided by AISB, but may contain a mix of abstracts and full papers as suits the publication needs of the individual symposia or their authors.


Important dates

Deadline for symposium proposals: 15th September 2017

Notification to proposers of accepted symposia: 30th September 2017

Final papers delivered for the (online) proceedings: 16th March 2018 - THIS IS A HARD DEADLINE

Convention 4th-6th April 2018, depending on the number of symposia. There may be a day of workshops or tutorials immediately before the convention (3rd April 2018).


Completed proposals should be submitted to the committee via EasyChair at


Main contact:

Floriana Grasso

Department of Computer Science

University of Liverpool 

floriana at liverpool dot ac dot uk

AISB 2018 website: 


Past Conventions

AISB 2017

The AISB'17 Convention was held at the University of Bath, UK, from 18th-21st April 2017.


AISB 2016

The AISB'16 Convention was held at the University of Sheffield, UK, from 4-6th April 2016.


AISB 2015

The AISB'15 Convention was held  at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, from 20-22nd April 2015.


AISB 2014

The AISB'14 Convention was held at Goldsmiths, University of London, 1st-4th April 2014. 

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the AISB as well as 60 years since the death of Alan Turing.

Go to publications to download the convention proceedings.


AISB 2013

The AISB'13 Convention was held at the University of Exeter, 3rd-5th April 2013. 


AISB 2012

The AISB'12 Convention (in the form of the AISB/IACAP World Congress) was organized by John Barnden, Tony Beavers and Manfred Kerber at the University of Birmingham, 2nd-6th July 2012. 


AISB 2011

The AISB'11 Convention was organised by Dimitar Kazakov and George Tsoulas at the University of York, 4th - 7th April 2011. 


The AISB'10 Convention was organised by Aladdin Ayesh at De Montfort University in Leicestershire, 29th March - 1st April 2010. 


The AISB'09 Convention was be organised by Nick Taylor at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, 6th-9th April 2009. Its theme is Adaptive and Emergent Behaviour and Complex Systems. 


The AISB'08 Convention was organised by Frank Guerin and Wamberto Vasconcelos at the University of Aberdeen, 1st-4th April 2008. Its theme was Communication, Interaction and Social Intelligence. 


AISB 2007

The AISB'07 Convention was organised by Patrick Olivier and Christian Kray at the University of Newcastle, 2nd-5th April 2007. Its theme was Artificial and Ambient Intelligence. 


The AISB'06 Convention was organised by Tim Kovacs and James Marshall at the University of Bristol, 3rd-6th April 2006. Its theme was Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems. 


AISB 2005

The AISB'05 Convention, the theme of which was Social Intelligence and Interaction in Animals, Robots and Agent was held at the University of Hertfordshire, April 2005 and was organised by Kerstin Dautenhahn. 

Go to publications to download the convention proceedings.

The AISB'04 Convention, the theme of which was Motion, Emotion and Cognition, took place in March/April 2004 at The University of Leeds and was organised by Kia Ng. 


The AISB'03 Convention, the theme of which was Cognition in Machines and Animals. This took place in April 2003 at The University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and was organised by Mark Lee.

The AISB'02 Convention, the theme of which was Logic, Language and Learning. This took place in April 2002 at Imperial College, London, and was organised by Jim Cunningham and Jeremy Pitt.

The AISB'01 Convention, the theme of which was Agents and Cognition. This took place in March 2001 at the University of York, and was organised by Simon Colton and Eduardo Alonso.

The AISB'00 Convention, the theme of which was Artificial Intelligence and Society. This took place in March 2000 at Birmingham University, and was organised by John Barnden and Mark Lee.

AISB 1999 The AISB'99 Convention, the theme of which was Creativity. This took place in March, 1999 and was jointly hosted by the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh College of Art. It was organised by Geraint Wiggins, Helen Pain and Andrew Patrizio.