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  The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation for Behaviour (AISB) is soliciting proposals for symposia to be held at the AISB 2018 convention.The longest running convention on Artificial Intelligence, A...


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Insurance AI Analytics Summit, October 9-10, London Join us for Europe’s only AI event dedicated to insurance where 300 attendees will unite from analytics, pricing, marketing, claims and underwriting. You’ll find out how advan...


AISB 2018 Convention

  The longest running convention on Artificial Intelligence, AISB 2018 will be held at the University of Liverpool, chaired by Floriana Grasso and Louise Dennis. As in the past years, AISB 2018 will provide a unique forum for p...


AI Summit London

     The AI Summit London: The World’s Number One AI Event for Business  Date: 9-10 May 2017 Venue: Business Design Centre, London. The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest/number one conference exhibition dedicated to t...


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    AISB and WIRED events have partnered to bring together inspirational high-profile speakers. Join hundreds of healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology influencers and leaders at the 4th Annual WIRED Health event, taking pl...


Hugh Gene Loebner

  The AISB were sad to learn last week of the passing of philanthropist and inventor Hugh Gene Loebner PhD, who died peacefully in his home in New York at the age of 74.  Hugh was founder and sponsor of The Loebner Prize, an an...


AI Europe 2016

  Partnership between AISB and AI Europe 2016: Next December 5th and 6th in London, AI Europe will bring together the European AI eco-system by gathering new tools and future technologies appearing in professional fields for th...


AISB convention 2017

  In the run up to AISB2017 convention (, I've asked Joanna Bryson, from the organising team, to answer few questions about the convention and what comes with it. Mohammad Majid...


Harold Cohen

Harold Cohen, tireless computer art pioneer dies at 87   Harold Cohen at the Tate (1983) Aaron image in background   Harold Cohen died at 87 in his studio on 27th April 2016 in Encintias California, USA.The first time I hear...


Dancing with Pixies?...

At TEDx Tottenham, London Mark Bishop (the former chair of the Society) demonstrates that if the ongoing EU flagship science project - the 1.6 billion dollar "Human Brain Project” - ultimately succeeds in understanding all as...



AISB event Bulletin Item

CF Participation: 3DPVT: 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission

3DPVT:  3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
June 18-20, 2008, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA

Early registration ends May 21, 2008. Register now at

SCOPE: New research results, technologies, and applications related to the capture, representation, compact storage, transmission, processing, editing, optimization and visualization of 3D geometric and photometric models and their use in various application fields.


Luc Van Gool:  Rome wasn't built in one day, but one day virtual Rome will be
Roberto Scopigno: Adding Color Data to 3D Scanned Models
Amitabh Varshney: Salient Visualization



Fast Simultaneous Tracking and Recognition Using Incremental Keypoint Matching, Jonathan Mooser, Quan Wang, Suya You, Ulrich Neumann

Visual Word based Location Recognition in 3D models using Distance Augmented Weighting, Friedrich Fraundorfer, Changchang Wu, Jan-Michael Frahm, Marc Pollefeys

Expression-invariant Non-rigid 3D Face Recognition: A Robust Approach to Expression-aware Morphing, Faisal Al-Osaimi, Mohammed Bennamoun, Ajmal Mian

*Understanding *

The Efficient Extension of Globally Consistent Scan Matching to 6 DoF, Dorit Borrmann, Jan Elseberg, Kai Lingemann, Andreas Nuechter, Joachim Hertzberg

Think Globally, Cluster Locally: A Unified Framework for Range Segmentation, Gene Yu, Michael Grossberg, George Wolberg, Ioannis Stamos

Statistical Estimation of Euler Characteristic from Volumetric Data, Konstantin Rybnikov, Karen Daniels, Daniel Klain, Bradford Jones, Vincent Durante


Optimized Camera Ranking Algorithms for Real-time Image Based Rendering of Endoscopic Image Data, Marco Winter, Bernhard Then, Guenther Greiner

Directional Associative Markov Network for 3-D Point Cloud Classification, Daniel Munoz, Nicolas Vandapel, Martial Hebert

Automatic 3D Video Summarization: Key Frame Extraction from Self-Similarity, Peng Huang, Adrian Hilton, Jonathan Starck

*Light and Texture*

Enhancing Textured Digital Elevation Models Using Photographs, Martin Schneider, Reinhard Klein

A Three-tier Hierarchical Model for Capturing and Rendering of 3D Geometry and Appearance from 2D Images, Martin Jagersand, Neil Birkbeck, Dana Cobzas

Smooth and non-smooth wavelet basis for capturing and representing light, Cameron Upright, Dana Cobzas, Martin Jagersand

*Technology for Systems*

An Energy Formulation for Establishing the Correspondence used in Projector Calibration, Marc-Antoine Drouin, Guy Godin, Sebastien Roy

Integration of a Time-of-Flight Camera into a Mixed Reality System for Handling Dynamic Scenes, Moving Viewpoints and Occlusions in Real-Time, Bogumil Bartczak, Ingo Schiller, Christian Beder, Reinhard Koch

Proxy-Based Compression of 2-1/2 D Structure of Dynamic Events for Tele-immersive Systems, Pooja Verlani, P.J. Narayanan

*Two and More Cameras*

MRF Stereo with Statistical Parameter Estimation, Shafik Huq, Andreas Koschan, Besma Abidi, Mongi Abidi

Solving Stereo Matching Problems using Interior Point Methods, Arvind Bhusnurmath, C.J. Taylor

Marker-less motion capture of skinned models in a four camera set-up using motion flow and silhouettes, Luca Ballan, Guido Maria Cortelazzo


3D Object Reconstruction with Heterogeneous Sensor Data, Li Guan, Jean-Sebastien Franco, Marc Pollefeys

L-Tangent Norm: A Low Computational Cost Criterion for Choosing Regularization Weights and its Use for Range Surface Reconstruction, Florent Brunet, Adrien Bartoli, Rmy Malgouyres, Nassir Navab

GPU Accelerating Speeded-Up Robust Features, Timothy Terriberry, Lindley French, John Helmsen

Single-step Planar Surface Extraction from Range Images, Shanmugalingam Suganthan, Sonya Coleman, Bryan Scotney


Towards Real-time Scene Acquisition using Non-uniform Image Sampling and Sparse Dynamic Programming, Michel Sarkis, Klaus Diepols

An efficient and memory-conserving implementation of multi-view stereo for wide-area reconstruction, Xenophon Zabulis, Georgios Floros, Nikos Grammalidis

Filling Holes in 3D Meshes using Image Restoration Algorithms, Santiago Salamanca, Pilar Merchn, Emiliano Prez, Antonio Adn, Carlos Cerrada, Inocente Cambero

3D-Model view characterization using equilibrium planes, Adrien Theetten, Tarik Filali Ansary, Jean-Philippe Vandeborre

Three-Dimensional Facial Imaging using a Static Light Screen and a Dynamic Subject, Robert McKeon, Patrick Flynn

Accurate Camera Calibration and Correction Using Rigidity and Radial Alignment Constraints, Yonghuai Liu, Ala Al-Obaidi, Anthony Jakas, Longzhuang Li

GPU rendering for autostereoscopic displays, Franois de Sorbier, Vincent Nozick, Venceslas Biri

Portalada: A Virtual Reconstruction of the Entrance of the Ripoll Monastery, Isaac Besora, Pere Brunet, Marco Callieri, Antoni Chica, Massimiliano Corsini, Matteo Dellepiane, Daniel Morales ,Jordi Moys, Guido Ranzuglia, Roberto Scopigno

Graph-based Stereo Matching by Incorporating Monocular Cues, Xiangyin Ma, Hongbin Zha

Using Markov Random Fields and Algebraic Geometryto Extract 3D Symmetry Properties, Andrew Willis, Yunfeng Sui

Geometric Calibration of a Structured Light System Using Circular Control Points, Jean-Nicolas Ouellet, Flix Rochette, Patrick Hbert

Neural Networks for Human Arm Movement Prediction in CVEs, Fred Stakem, Ghassan AlRegib

Temporal Styles for Time-Varying Volume Data, Jean-Paul Balabanian, Ivan Viola, Torsten Mller, Eduard Grller

Fast and High Quality Fusion of Depth Maps, Christopher Zach

Generalized Detection and Merging of Loop Closures for Video Sequences

Manfred Klopschitz, Christopher Zach, Arnold Irschara, Dieter Schmalstieg

Fast Surface Reconstruction and Segmentation with Ground-Based and Airborne LIDAR Range Data

Matthew Carlberg, James Andrews, Peiran Gao, Avideh Zakhor

Efficient 3D Shape Acquisition and Registration Using Hybrid Scanning Data, Hongwei Zheng, Dietmar Saupe, Roth Markus, Andreas Boehler, Peter Opuchlik

Fast View Interpolation from Stereo: Simpler can be Better, Nicolas Martin, Sbastien Roy

A Curvature-Driven Probabilistic Strategy for Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Meshes over Unreliable Networks, Irene Cheng, Lihang Ying, Kostas Daniilidis

A Fully Automatic Approach for Human Recognition from Profile Images Using 2D and 3D Ear Data, Syed Islam, Mohammed Bennamoun, Ajmal Mian, Rowan Davies

Photometric Stereo via Computer Screen Lighting for Real-time Surface Reconstruction, Grant Schindler

Capturing a Surface Light Field under Virtual Illumination, Greg Coombe, Jan-Micheal Frahm, Anselmo Lastra

Stride Scheduling for Time-Critical Collision Detection, Daniel Coming, Oliver Staadt

See you at 3DPVT in Atlanta !
Frank Dellaert
College of Computing @ Georgia Tech