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AISB event Bulletin Item

CF Participation: WoLLIC 2009

*Call for Participation*

/*16th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation*/
(/*WoLLIC 2009*/)
Tokyo, Japan
June 21-24, 2009
(SPECIAL: There will be a screening of George Csicsery's "N is a Number:
A Portrait of Paul Erdos ",
with kind permission of the film director)

WoLLIC  is an annual international forum on inter-disciplinary research involving formal logic, computing and programming theory, and natural language and reasoning. Each meeting includes invited talks and tutorials as well as contributed papers.

WoLLIC 2009  will be held from June 21 through 24, 2009, in the National Center of Sciences , the building that houses the National Institute of Informatics  in central Tokyo. It is jointly sponsored by the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL), the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics (IGPL), the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI), the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS), the Sociedade Brasileira de Computacao (SBC), and the Sociedade Brasileira de Logica (SBL).

The proceedings of WoLLIC 2009 will appear as Volume 5514 of the FoLLI/LNAI  subline of the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science .

*Special Event*
2009 will mark the 60-th anniversary of the publication of Paul Erdos'
elementary proof of the Prime Number Theorem. WoLLIC will celebrate this
by screening the documentary about Paul Erdos which was directed by
George Csicsery "N is a number - A Portrait of Paul Erdos

*Tutorial Lectures
*Arnold Beckmann (Swansea University): /Definable Search Problems in
Bounded Arithmetic/*
*Thomas Eiter (Vienna University of Technology): /Reasoning Using Knots/*
*Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool): /From Mathematical Logic to
Life Science Ontologies/*

Invited Talks
*Arnold Beckmann (Swansea University): /New Characterisations of
Definable Search Problems/*
*Carlos Caleiro (Technical University of Lisbon): /Algebraic Valuations
as Behavioral Logical Matrices/*
*Thomas Eiter (Vienna University of Technology): /Knot-Based Query
Answering in Description Logic/*
*Sylvain Salvati (INRIA Bordeaux - Sud Ouest/LaBRI): /Recognizability in
the Simply Typed Lambda-Calculus/*
*Taisuke Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology): /Logic-Based
Probabilistic Modeling/*
*Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool): /From Mathematical Logic to
Life Science Ontologies/*

Contributed Papers
*Sebastian Link: Spoilt for Choice: /Full First-Order Hierarchical
*Hubie Chen and Omer Gimenez: /On-the-fly Macros/*
*Juha Kontinen and Ville Nurmi: /Team Logic and Second-Order Logic/*
*Juliana Kaizer Vizzotto, Andr Rauber Du Bois and Amr Sabry: /The Arrow
Calculus as a Quantum Programming Language/*
*Sara Miner More and Pavel Naumov: /An Independence Relation for Sets of
*Hugo Herbelin and Gyesik Lee: /Forcing-based cut-elimination for
Gentzen-style intuitionistic sequent calculus/*
*Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets: /Learning by Questions and Answers:
From Belief-Revision Cycles to Doxastic Fixed Points/*
*Matthias Baaz, Agata Ciabattoni and Norbert Preining: /SAT in Monadic
Gdel Logics: a borderline between decidability and undecidability/*
*Philippe de Groote, Sylvain Pogodalla and Carl Pollard: /On the
Syntax-Semantics Interface: from Convergent Grammar to Abstract
Categorial Grammar/*
*Alain Lecomte and Myriam Quatrini: /Ludics and its Applications to
Natural Language Semantics/*
*Bernhard Heinemann: /Observational Effort and Formally Open Mappings/*
*Bauer Kerstin, Raffaella Gentilini and Klaus Schneider: /Property
Driven Three Valued Model Checking on Hybrid Automata/*
*Gleifer Alves, Anjolina Grisi de Oliveira and Ruy de Queiroz:
/Transformations via geometric perspective techniques augmented with
cycles normalization/*
*Linda Postniece: /Deep inference in bi-intuitionistic logic/*
*Katsuhiko Sano: /Sound and Complete Tree-Sequent Calculus for
Inquisitive Logic/*
*Yoshihiro Maruyama: /A Duality for algebras of Lattice-Valued Modal Logic/*
*Joao Marcos and Carlos Caleiro: /Classic-like analytic tableaux for
finite-valued logics/*
*Benjamin Rossman: /Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse Games on Random Structures/*
*Majid Alizadeh: /Completions of basic algebras/*
*Francesco Belardinelli and Alessio Lomuscio: /First-Order Linear-time
Epistemic Logic with Group Knowledge: An Axiomatisation of the Monodic
Cristian Prisacariu and Gerardo Schneider: /CL: An Action-based Logic
for Reasoning about Contracts/*/
/*Ren-June Wang: /Knowledge, Time, and Logical Omniscience/*
*Henning Christiansen and Veronica Dahl: /Abductive Logic Grammars/*
*Gianluca Amato and Francesca Scozzari: /Observational Completeness on
Abstract Interpretation/*
*Juan Carlos Nieves, Mauricio Osorio and Claudia Zepeda: /Stratified
Argumentation Semantics: An Extension-based Argumentation Semantics
based on Stratified Minimal Models

/*Book Exhibition*/
/The following publishers are expected to be exhibiting various books
from their catalogue, prospectuses, journal samples, etc., and there
will be a chance to order items at promotional prices: /The MIT Press,
Springer-Verlag, A K Peters, Kluwer Acad. Pub.,Cambridge Univ. Press,
CSLI Publications (Stanford Univ), Oxford Univ. Press, World Scientific.
/It is likely that a few other international publishers will also take
part in the book exhibit./
*Program Committee*
Toshiyasu Arai  (Kobe U,
Japan), Matthias Baaz  (Tech U Wien),
Alexandru Baltag 
(Oxford U), Josep Maria Font  (U
Barcelona), Silvio Ghilardi  (U
Milano), Katsumi Inoue  (Nat Inst of
Informatics, Japan), Marcus Kracht
 (U Bielefeld),
Hiroakira Ono

(JAIST, Japan) (Chair), Masanao Ozawa
 (Nagoya U), John
Slaney  (Australian Nat U), Mark
Steedman  (Edinburgh U), Hans
Tompits  (Tech U Wien).

*Organising Committee*
Makoto Kanazawa  (Nat Inst of
Informatics, Japan, co-chair), Anjolina de Oliveira
 (U Fed Pernambuco, Brazil), Ruy de
Queiroz  (U Fed Pernambuco, Brazil,
co-chair), Ken Satoh  (Nat Inst of
Informatics, Japan)

*Steering Committee*
Samson Abramsky ,
Johan van Benthem , Joe Halpern
, Wilfrid Hodges
, Daniel Leivant
, Angus Macintyre
Grigori Mints , Ruy de

*Web Page*