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                         THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL

          Southwestern University, Chongqing, China, October 8-11, 2009

                      URL: http://loriweb.org/lori2009

About the Conference

The First International Workshop on Logic, Rationality and
Interaction (LORI-I) took place in Beijing in August 2007, with
participation by researchers from artificial intelligence, game
theory, linguistics, logic, philosophy, and cognitive science.
The workshop led to great advances in mutual understanding, both
academically and culturally, between Chinese and foreign
logicians.  Due to the success of LORI-I, we have decided to
continue organizing LORI at various places in China and possibly
other countries in Asia and the Pacific Area in the future.

The Second International Workshop on Logic, Rationality and
Interaction (LORI-II) will take place in Chongqing, China,
during October 8-11, 2009.  The Workshop will feature a
distinguished roster of invited speakers, refereed contributed
papers, poster and tutorials sessions for students, as well as
cultural events and excursions.

We now invite submissions of contributed paper bearing on any of
the broad themes of the LORI workshop series, including
knowledge acquisition, use, and management, information
exchange, rational action, and rational interaction.  Specific
topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    * semantic models for knowledge, for belief, and for uncertainty
    * dynamic logics of knowledge, information flow, and action
    * logical analysis of the structure of games
    * belief revision, belief merging
    * logics for preferences and utilities
    * logics of intentions, plans, and goals
    * logics of probability and uncertainty
    * argument systems and their role in interaction
    * norms, normative interaction, and normative multiagent systems

Important Dates

Paper submission: June 15, 2009
Author Notification: July 15, 2009
Final copy due: August 15, 2009
Conference date:  October 8-11, 2009

Submission Details

Submitted papers should be in English, and no more than 4000
words in length (approximately 12 double spaced pages).  Each
paper should include a title, the names and contact details of
all authors, and a abstract of no longer than 250 words.
Sessions at the conference will be 30 minutes long, including

The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2009. Papers should be
submitted electronically in the form of a pdf file at the
easychair website:


Authors of accepted papers will be notified by July 15, 2009.
The deadline for receipt of revised papers to appear in the
workshop proceedings is August 15, 2009.

Invited Speakers
Johan van Benthem (University of Amsterdam and Stanford University)
Hans van Ditmarsch (Univeristy of Otago, NZ)
Henry Prakken (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Fangzhen Lin (Hong Kong University, China)
Rohit Parikh (City University of New York, USA)
Jeremy Seligman (University of Auckland, NZ)
Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Beihai Zhou (Peking University, China)

Workshop Organizers

Johan van Benthem (Conference Chair)
Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
University of Amsterdam
Department of Philosophy
Stanford University
email: johan at science.uva.nl

John Horty  (Program Co-Chair)
Department of Philosophy
University of Maryland
email: horty at umiacs.umd.edu

Eric Pacuit (Program Co-Chair)
Department of Philosophy
Stanford University
email: epacuit at stanford.edu

Programme Committee

Horacio Arlo-Costa (Carnigie Mellon University, USA)
Alexandru Baltag (Oxford University, UK)
James Delgrande (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Hans van Ditmarsch (University of Otago, New Zealand)
Phan Minh Dung (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
Wiebe van der Hoek (Liverpool University, UK)
Shier Ju (Sun Yat-sen University,  China)
Barteld Kooi (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Fenrong Liu (Tsinghua University, China)
Larry Moss (Indiana University, USA)
Gabriella Pigozzi (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Rohit Parikh (City University of New York, USA)
Henry Prakken (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Ram Ramanujam (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India)
Hans Rott (University of Regensburg, Germanny)
Olivier Roy (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Sonja Smets (Free University of Brussels, Belgium)
Katie Steele (London School of Economics, UK)
Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Frank Veltman (University of Amsterdam)
Minghui Xiong (Sun Yat-sen University,  China)
Ming Xu (Wuhan University,  China)
Tomoyuki Yamada (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Audrey Yap (University of Victoria, Canada)
Jialong Zhang (Yanshan Univesity & Chinese Academy of Social  Sciences)
Beihai Zhou (Peking University, China)

Local Organization

Local Organizing Chair:
Xiangdong He
Institute of Logic and Intelligence
South-West University
email: hexd at swu.edu.cn

Local Organizing Committee
Xiaojia Tang (Institute of Logic and Intelligence, South-West University)
Huiwen Deng (Institute of Logic and Intelligence, South-West University)
Ziqiang Peng (Institute of Logic and Intelligence, South-West University)
Jing Wang (Institute of Logic and Intelligence, South-West University)
Meiyun Guo (Institute of Logic and Intelligence, South-West University)

Publication Information

A Proceedings Volume containing all accepted papers will be
available at the workshop.  Selected papers from the workshop
will later be published in a special issue of the Journal of
Philosophical Logic.