Yasemin Erden on BBC

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AISB YouTube Channel

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Lighthill Debates

The Lighthill debates from 1973 are now available on YouTube. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video  



AISB event Bulletin Item

Call For Participation: SHREC - 3D Shape Retrieval Contest



                    SHREC'07 - 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2007


After the success of SHREC - 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2006, the Network of 
Excellence AIM@SHAPE is taking the initiative to organize a sequel. The general 
objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of 3D-shape retrieval algorithms. The 
contest is organized in conjunction with the SMI'07 conference (Shape Modeling 
International), where the evaluation results will be presented. In contrast with 
the previous contest, this time the contest will involve multiple tracks. 

The following tracks are being organized:
    * Watertight models
      Organizer: Daniela Giorgi, CNR-IMATI
      Contact: daniela@ge.imati.cnr.it
    * Partial matching
      Organizer: Simone Marini, CNR-IMATI
      Contact: simone@ge.imati.cnr.it
    * Protein models
      Organizers: Maja Temerinac, Marco Reisert, Hans Burkhardt, Freiburg University
      Contact: temerina@informatik.uni-freiburg.de
      Web page: http://lmb.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/events/shrec07/index.en.html
    * CAD models
      Organizer: Karthik Ramani, Purdue University
      Contact: shrec@purdue.edu
      Web page: https://engineering.purdue.edu/PRECISE/shrec
    * Relevance feedback
      Organizer: Petros Daras, ITI
      Contact: daras@iti.gr
      Web page: http://shrec.iti.gr/index.html
    * Similarity measures
      Organizer: Hamid Laga, David Gavilan Ruiz, Tokyo Institute of Technology
      Contact: hamid@img.cs.titech.ac.jp, david@img.cs.titech.ac.jp.
      Web page: http://www.img.cs.titech.ac.jp/~hamid/SHREC07-similarity/
    * 3D face models
      Organizers: Frank ter Haar, Remco Veltkamp, Utrecht University
      Contact: shrec@cs.uu.nl
      Web page: http://give-lab.cs.uu.nl/SHREC/shrec2007/

To participate in any of these tracks, please contact the track organizer or
visit the track website.


The SHREC contest is an initiative of the Network of Excellence AIM@SHAPE, 
http://www.aimatshape.net/. See http://www.aimatshape.net/event/SHREC/ for 
information about the contest, the results, etc. To contact the organizers, 
send a message to shrec@cs.uu.nl. The SHREC organizers are Frank ter Haar, 
Remco Veltkamp, and Tristan Whitmarsh.
The results of SHREC'07 are presented at a special session of SMI'07, 
Shape Modeling International, http://smi07.liris.cnrs.fr/