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AISB event Bulletin Item

FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS: Advances in Modal Logic, 22-25 Aug 2012, Copenhagen, DENMARK


Advances in Modal Logic is an initiative aimed at presenting the state of the art in modal logic 
and its various applications. The initiative consists of a conference series together with volumes 
based on the conferences. Information about the AiML series can be obtained at
AiML-2012 is the ninth conference in the series.

We invite submission on all aspects of modal logic, including:

- history of modal logic
- philosophy of modal logic
- applications of modal logic
- computational aspects of modal logic (complexity and decidability of
      modal and temporal logics, modal and temporal logic programming,
      model checking, model generation, theorem proving for modal logics)
- theoretical aspects of modal logic (algebraic/categorical perspectives
      on modal logic, coalgebraic modal logic, completeness and canonicity,
      correspondence and duality theory, many-dimensional modal logics,
      modal fixed point logics, model theory of modal logic, proof theory
      of modal logic)
- specific instances and variations of modal logic (description logics,
      modal logics over non-boolean bases, dynamic logics and other process
      logics, epistemic and deontic logics, modal logics for agent-based
      systems, modal logic and game theory, modal logic and grammar
      formalisms, provability and interpretability logics, spatial and
      temporal logics, hybrid logic, intuitionistic logic, substructural
      logics, computationally light fragments of all such logics)

Papers on related subjects will also be considered.

Advances in Modal Logic 2012 will be held at the IDA conference centre in downtown Copenhagen:

This is in easy walking distance from Copenhagen Central Station and a number of reasonably priced hotels.

There will be two types of submissions to AiML-2012: (1) Full papers for publication in the 
proceedings and presentation at the conference. (2) Abstracts for short presentation only. Both 
types of papers should be submitted electronically using the EasyChair submission page at


At least one author of each accepted paper of abstract must register for, and attend, the 
conference to present his or her work.

(1) FULL PAPERS. Authors are invited to submit, for presentation at the conference and publication 
in the proceedings, full papers reporting on original research and not submitted elsewhere. The 
proceedings of AiML'2012 will be published by College Publications 
( in a volume to be made available at the conference. 
The submissions should be at most 15 pages, with an optional technical appendix of up to 5 pages, 
together with a plain-text abstract of 100-200 words. The submissions must be typeset in LaTeX, 
using a style file and template that will be provided on the AiML'2012 website.

(2) ABSTRACTS. These should be at most 5 pages. They may describe preliminary results, work in 
progress etc., and will be subject to light reviewing. The accepted abstracts will be made 
available at the conference, and the authors will have the opportunity to make short presentations 
(of up to 15 minutes) on them.

SPECIAL SESSION ON HYBRID LOGIC. Hybrid logic is an extension of modal logic allowing to refer 
explicitly to states of the model in the syntax of formulas.
There will be a special session of AiML devoted to papers on hybrid logic.
The scope of the special session is standard hybrid-logical machinery like nominals, satisfaction 
operators, and the downarrow binder, but also other extensions of modal logic can be considered.

SPECIAL SESSION IN HONOUR OF LARISA MAKSIMOVA. There will be a special session of AiML devoted to 
papers and talks in honour of Larisa Maksimova, in recognition of her many outstanding 
contributions to modal logic.

SPECIAL SESSION ON MODALITIES FOR TYPES. Recent years have witnessed significant growth of interest
in constructive type-theoretical modalities, in particular modalities ensuring productivity and 
type safety of (co-)recursive definitions in reactive programming. Some earlier examples include 
the use of modalities for staged computation, metaprogramming or in computational lambda-calculus. 
In order to boost interaction between programming, type-theoretical and modal communities, AiML 
2012 will host a special session on these topics. Papers for this session should be submitted to 
the EasyChair site along with others.

Papers for the special sessions should be submitted to the EasyChair site along with others.

Lev Beklemishev (Moscow State University) Johan van Benthem (University of Amsterdam and Stanford 
University) Lars Birkedal (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Patrick Blackburn  (Roskilde 
University) Balder ten Cate, (UC Santa Cruz) Larisa Maksimova (Novosibirsk State University)

Carlos Areces (FaMAF, Universitad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina) Philippe Balbiani (IRIT, 
Toulouse, France) Lev Beklemishev (Moscow State University, Russia) Guram Bezhanishvili (New 
Mexico State University, USA) Nick Bezhanishvili (Imperial College London, UK) Patrick Blackburn 
(Roskilde University, Denmark) Thomas Bolander (Technical University of Denmark) Torben Brauner 
(Roskilde University, Denmark) Giovanna Corsi (Universit di Bologna, Italy) Giovanna D'Agostino 
(Universit di Udine, Italy) Stephane Demri (LSV, ENS Cachan, France) Melvin Fitting (Lehman 
College, CUNY, USA) Robert Goldblatt (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) Valentin 
Goranko (Technical University of Denmark) Rajeev Gore (Australian National University, Australia) 
Andreas Herzig (IRIT, Toulouse, France) Ian Hodkinson (Imperial College London, UK) Wiebe van der 
Hoek (University of Liverpool, UK) Rosalie Iemhoff (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) 
Alexander Kurz (University of Leicester, UK) Tadeusz Litak (University of Leicester, UK) Hiroakira 
Ono (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Martin Otto (Technical University of 
Darmstadt, Germany) Alessandra Palmigiano (ILLC, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Renate 
Schmidt (University of Manchester, UK) Lutz Schrder (DFKI GmbH and University of Bremen, Germany) 
Valentin Shehtman (Moscow State University, Russia) Dimiter Vakarelov (Sofia University, Bulgaria) 
Yde Venema (ILLC, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr University 
Bochum, Germany) Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool, UK) Michael Zakharyaschev (Birkbeck 
College, London, UK)

Silvio Ghilardi (Universit degli Studi di Milano, Italy) Lawrence Moss (Indiana University, USA)

Thomas Bolander (Technical University of Denmark) Torben Brauner (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Full papers submission deadline: 30 March 2012 
Full papers acceptance notification: 18 May 2012 
Short presentations submission deadline: 1 June, 2012 
Short presentations acceptance notification: 18 June, 2012 
Final version of full papers and abstracts due: 15 June 2012
Conference: 22-25 August, 2012.


ENQUIRIES. E-mail enquiries should be directed respectively to the PC co-chairs, sent to