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AISB event Bulletin Item

CALL FOR PAPERS: Philosophy of Communication and Information Session, XXIII World Congress of Philosophy, 410th Aug 2013, Athens,GREECE

The XXIII Congress will include 

1) An Invited Session on The Philosophy of Information

2) a Philosophy of Communication and Information Session for Contributed Papers (track n. 46)

This call for papers concerns (2).

Research on any aspect of the philosophy of communication and information is welcome. 
All philosophical approaches and methods are equally welcome.

Anyone interested in submitting a paper is invited to 

- follow the instructions available here 

- use the online system available here

- and also send the submission to my address here:

Important Dates

Abstract and Paper Submission Deadline: February 1, 2013
Early Registration Deadline: February 1, 2013
Online Registration Closing: June 30, 2013
Online Hotel Reservation Closing: June 30, 2013
Tour Reservation Closing: July 30, 2013

I enclose below some official information about the Congress.

Best regards,

Luciano Floridi

Luciano Floridi |


The World Congresses of Philosophy are organised every five years by
the International Federation of Philosophical Societies in
collaboration with one of its member societies. The XXIII World
Congress of Philosophy will be held from August 4 through August 10,
2013, in Athens, Greece, under the auspices of the Hellenic
Organising Committee, which has been constituted by the Greek
Philosophical Society.

The Congress has several aims, which are to be understood as

- To inquire into the worlds philosophical traditions and compare
them in terms of their diverse contributions and possible mutual

- To reflect on the tasks and functions of philosophy in the
contemporary world, taking account of the contributions,
expectations, and gaps in philosophical awareness associated with
other disciplines, with political, religious, social, economic,
technological, etc., activities and with diverse cultures and

- To emphasize the importance of philosophical reflection for public
discourse on global issues affecting humanity.

Because of its cultural history and geographical situation, Athens is
an ideal location for stimulating encounters between scholars from
across the world. The main theme of the 2013 Congress, Philosophy as
Inquiry and Way of Life, emphasizing both theory and practice,
recalls the declaration of Socrates that the unexamined life is not
worth living.

The 2013 Congress invites discussion of the nature, roles, and
responsibilities of philosophy and philosophers today. It is
committed to paying heed to the problems, conflicts, inequalities,
and injustices connected with the development of a planetary
civilisation that is at once multicultural and techno-scientific.

The main theme of the Congress will be developed, according to the
tradition of the World Congresses, in the following four plenary
sessions and seven symposia:

Plenary Sessions

1. Philosophical Method
Chair: Evandro Agazzi (Italy / Mexico)
Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Senegal / USA)
Dagfinn Fllesdall (Norway)
John McDowell (South Africa / United States)

2. Philosophy and the Sciences
Chair: Maria Carla Galavotti (Italy)
Susan Haack (USA)
Alberto Cordero (Peru / United States)
Keiichi Noe (Japan)

3. Philosophy as Practical Wisdom
Chair: Juliana Gonzlez (Mexico)
Alexander Nehamas (Greece / USA)
Kwame A Appiah (Ghana / United States)
Chen Lai (China)

4. Philosophy and Public Life
Chair: Hans Lenk (Germany)
Seyla Benhabib (USA)
Abdussalam Guseinov (Russia)
Wole Soyinka (Nigeria)
Abdolkarim Soroush (Iran) [to be confirmed]


1. The relevance of Ancient Greek Philosophy Today
Chair: Georgios Anagnostopoulos (USA/Greece)
Enrico Berti (Italy)
Dorothea Frede (Germany)
Noburu Notomi (Japan)

2. Eros
Chair: Gerasimos Santas (Greece / USA)
Aminata Ciss Diaw (Senegal)
A.V. Afonso (India)
Jonathan Lear (USA)
Simon Critchley (UK / USA)

3. Philosophy and Religions
Chair: Jean Ferrari (France)
Michael von Brck (Germany)
Suwanna Satha-Anand (Thailand)
Seizo Sekine (Japan)

4. Art and Cultures
Chair: Marina Lambraki-Plaka (Greece)
Jos De Mul (Netherlands)
Yacouba Konat (Ivory Coast)
Wolfgang Welsch (Germany)
Han Zhen (China)

5. Technology and the Environment
Chair: Workineh Kelbessa (Ethiopia)
Kristin Schrader-Frechette (USA)
Esa Saarinen (Finland)
Konrad Ott (Germany)
Junichi Murata (Japan)

6. Current Trends in Epistemology
Chair: Ernest Sosa (USA)
Jean Petitot (France)
Dismas A. Masolo (Kenya / USA)
Jason Stanley (USA)
Pascal Engel (France / Switzerland)

7. Philosophy in Modern and Contemporary Greece
Chair: Athanasia Glycofridi-Leontsini (Greece)
Evangelos Moutsopoulos (Greece)
Panagiotis Noutsos (Greece)
Georgia Apostolopoulou (Greece)
Kostantinos Petsios (Greece)

Sections for Contributed Papers

01.     Aesthetics and philosophies of art
02.     Ancient Greek philosophy
02.i    Presocratic philosophy
02ii    Classical Greek philosophy
02.iii  Hellenistic philosophy
02iv.   Neoplatonic philosophy
03.     Bioethics
04.     Buddhist philosophy
05.     Business ethics
06.     Byzantine philosophy
07.     Christian philosophy
08.     Comparative and intercultural philosophy
09.     Confucian philosophy
10.     Contemporary philosophy
11.     Environmental philosophy
12.     Ethics
13.     Existential Philosophy
14.     History of philosophy
15.     Human rights
16.     Indian philosophies
17.     Islamic philosophy
18.     Jewish philosophy
19.     Logic
20.     Medical ethics
21.     Medieval philosophy
22.     Metaphilosophy
23.     Metaphysics
24.     Modern and contemporary Greek philosophy
25.     Moral psychology
26.     Ontology
27.     Phenomenology
28.     Philosophical anthropology
29.     Philosophical approaches to gender
30.     Philosophical hermeneutics
31.     Philosophical issues about race
32.     Philosophical traditions in Africa
33.     Philosophical traditions in Asia and the Pacific
34.     Philosophical traditions in Europe
35.     Philosophical traditions in Latin America
36.     Philosophical traditions in North Africa and the Middle East
37.     Philosophical traditions in North America
38.     Philosophy and linguistics
39.     Philosophy and literature
40.     Philosophy and media
41.     Philosophy and oral traditions of knowledge
42.     Philosophy and psychoanalysis
43.     Philosophy for children
44.     Philosophy of action
45.     Philosophy of cognitive sciences

46.     Philosophy of communication and information

47.     Philosophy of culture
48.     Philosophy of development
49.     Philosophy of economics
50.     Philosophy of education
51.     Philosophy of globalization
52.     Philosophy of history
53.     Philosophy of language
54.     Philosophy of law
55.     Philosophy of logic
56.     Philosophy of mathematics
57.     Philosophy of mind
58.     Philosophy of nature
59.     Philosophy of neuroscience
60.     Philosophy of physics
61.     Philosophy of religion
62.     Philosophy of science
63.     Philosophy of sport
64.     Philosophy of technology
65.     Philosophy of the body
66.     Philosophy of the life sciences
67.     Philosophy of the social sciences
68.     Philosophy of values
69.     Political philosophy
70.     Renaissance and modern philosophy
71.     Russian philosophy
72.     Social philosophy
73.     Taoist philosophy
74.     Teaching philosophy
75.     Theories of knowledge and epistemology

Abstract and Papers Submission

All persons who want to participate in the Congress are welcome to
submit their abstract and paper. Abstract and paper should be intended
to one of the 75 Sections for contributed papers.

There are three ways of submitting the abstract and paper:
- Online submission;
- As attachment to an email message;
- The archaic way of sending the documents by post.
We strongly recommend all participants to use the online abstract and
paper submission for their convenience and for reduction of costs.

For details please see:

Important Dates

Abstract and Paper Submission Deadline: February 1, 2013*
Early Registration Dealine:             February 1, 2013
Online Registration Closing:            June 30, 2013
Online Hotel Reservation Closing:       June 30, 2013
Tour Reservation Closing:               July 30, 2013

*Abstract and Paper are submitted simultaneously.
Later submissions may be considered, depending on availability of
space. Submissions and registrations after the 1st of April 2013 may
not appear in the Program of the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy


23rd World Congress of Philosophy
School of Philosophy
University of Athens
ELTA-University Campus
15703 Zografos - Athens
Phone: +30 210 7277545, +30 210 7277548
Fax:   +30 210 7248979