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AISB event Bulletin Item

CALL FOR TUTORIAL PROPOSALS: Agent Systems Summer School, 1-5 July 2013, London (U.K.)



We are inviting tutorial proposals for the 15th European Agent Systems
Summer School (EASSS-2013), which will be held at King's College London.
EASSS 2013 will be co-located and run in parallel with the ACAI 2013
(http://www.inf.kcl.ac.uk/events/acai13/), which this year will revolve
around argumentation in artificial intelligence.

EASSS tutorials are typically 3.5 hours long, divided into two sessions.
For a detailed call for tutorials, see below.

*** ABOUT EASSS-2013                                                 ***

Since 1999, the annual European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS) has
provided a forum for knowledge exchange between various research groups
in the field of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, with the aim
of benefiting mainly graduate students and researchers at both beginner
and advanced level.

The 15th European Agent Systems Summer School will be held at King's
College London, UK, from the 1st to 5th of July 2013. EASSS-2013 will be
co-located with the 15th Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence;  a
bi-annual summer school for graduate students and young researchers in
AI, sponsored by ECCAI (European Coordinating Committee for Artificial

As was the case with its highly successful earlier editions, EASSS-2013
will offer a rich programme of both introductory and advanced courses on
a broad range of topics in the area of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent
Systems. The courses are aimed at PhD students, advanced Master's
students, and other young researchers and will be taught by leading
researchers in the field. EASSS is organised under the auspices of
EURAMAS, the European Association for Multiagent Systems

We are now inviting proposals from members of the research community who
are willing to offer tutorials at EASSS-2013.

We are interested in tutorial proposals in all areas of current research
in Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. As a very rough guideline,
any topic that might be covered at the AAMAS conference or in the JAAMAS
journal would be suitable for EASSS. We are looking for a mix of
tutorials on fundamental and clearly established topics on the one hand,
as well as overviews of new and emerging areas of research on the other.
Tutorials should cover an appropriate selection of approaches and not
specifically focus on the tutors' own contributions. Besides providing a
coherent overview of a specific research topic, we specifically
encourage tutorial proposals to articulate a clear link to applications
and pragmatic considerations of the fundamentals presented.

We encourage both well-established senior researchers and younger
colleagues to put in a proposal. Each tutorial is usually given by one
or two people. Exceptions are of course possible; for proposals by more
than two tutors, please justify this choice in the proposal and explain
how you intend to ensure the coherence of the tutorial.

To be able to offer this summer school and keep registration costs
manageable for attendees, we are dependent on the support of the
research community. We can commit to the provision of up to GBP 400 per
tutorial proposal, to cover the travel and accommodation costs of all
the tutorial's speakers.  However, since we expect that some tutorials
will be delivered by local UK based speakers with lower costs, we
anticipate (but can of course not guarantee) that  some surplus monies
will be made available for distribution where necessary amongst tutorial
speakers whose costs may exceed the GBP 400 per tutorial.

*** IMPORTANT DATES                                                  ***

Deadline for tutorial proposals:        10 February 2013
Notification of acceptance:             10 March 2013
Teaching materials due:                 10 May 2013
Summer school:                          1-5 July 2013

*** SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS                                          ***

A tutorial proposal should take the form of a single PDF document
covering the points listed below.

Please note that we are not soliciting proposals on
argumentation/dialogue/negotiation, since these topics will be covered
by ACAI tutorials that will be made available to EASSS students.

Please, submit the proposal by email to paul.harrenstein@cs.ox.ac.uk and
P.Novak@tudelft.nl, mentioning [EASSS13] in the subject line.

The following points should be addressed in the tutorial proposal,
preferably in the order stated below:

(1) Title of the proposed tutorial.

(2) Tutor(s): name, affiliation, full contact details, and a link to the
personal homepage of each tutor.

(3) Abstract: a short paragraph describing the tutorial (100-300 words),
suitable for publication at the EASSS-2013 website.

(4) Topics covered: detailed list of topics covered in the tutorial in
terms of a list, preferably in the order in which the tutorial will
cover them.

(5) Type: a clear indication of whether the tutorial takes a theoretical
or applications-oriented perspective on the covered material. We
encourage tutorials to balance the two perspectives.

(6) Level: please indicate the target audience and level of the course.
If there are some prerequisites about existing knowledge of students,
describe what knowledge will be assumed.

(7) Teaching materials: Please indicate what kind of teaching materials
you intend to provide. Note that we will require materials  by the due
date above, in order that they can be distributed to EASSS attendees in

(8) Duration: Tutorials are typically 3.5 hours long. If you have strong
reasons for wanting to deviate from this standard, please explain this
in your proposal.

(9) Equipment: Please list any special equipment (beyond data projector
and blackboard) that you might need.

(10) Short biographical sketch(es): a short paragraph on the background
of the tutor or tutors (around 100 words per tutor), suitable for
publication at the EASSS-2013 website.

(11) Experience of tutors: For review purposes, please provide details
on relevant teaching experience of the tutor(s).

(12) Additional information on the proposed tutorial. Include as much
detail as you see fit.

*** PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF EASSS                                       ***

EASSS has been organised annually in different European locations
since 1999, when it was held in Utrecht. Here are the websites of the
most recent editions:

* EASSS-2012 in Valencia:        http://easss2012.webs.upv.es/
* EASSS-2011 in Girona:  http://eia.udg.edu/easss2011/
* EASSS-2010 in Saint-Etienne:  http://easss2010.emse.fr/
* EASSS-2009 in Torino:  http://agents009.di.unito.it/EASSS.html
* EASSS-2008 in Lisbon:  http://centria.di.fct.unl.pt/events/easss08/

EASSS'07/Durham, UK; EASSS'06/Annecy, France; EASSS'05/Utrecht,
Netherlands; EASSS'04/Liverpool, UK; EASSS'03/Bologna, Italy;
EASSS'02/Barcelona, Spain; EASSS'01/Prague, Czech Republic;
EASSS'00/Saarbrucken, Germany; EASSS'99/Utrecht, Netherlands

*** CONTACT                                                          ***

For all matters concerning the technical program of EASSS-2013 and this
Call for Tutorial Proposals, please contact Paul Harrenstein or Peter
Novak. For matters concerning the local organisation of the summer
school, please contact Elizabeth Black or Sanjay Modgil.

Paul Harrenstein:       paul.harrenstein@cs.ox.ac.uk
Peter Novak:             P.Novak@tudelft.nl
Elizabeth Black:        elizabeth.black@kcl.ac.uk
Sanjay Modgil:          sanjay.modgil@kcl.ac.uk