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AISB event Bulletin Item

CALL FOR PAPERS: Space, Time and Ambient Intelligence, 14-15 Jul 2013, Bellevue WA (U.S.A.)

** International workshop on:*
Space, Time, and Ambient Intelligence (STAMI) at AAAI 2013, Bellevue, 
Washington, US.

** Workshop theme*/:/
/Spatio-Temporal Aspects of Human Activity Interpretation /


** Dates in 2013*
Full papers - March 28
Notification - April 19
Workshop date - July 14 or 15

** Keynote speakers*
- Prof. Anthony (Tony) Cohn (University of Leeds, UK)
- Prof. Henry Kautz (University of Rochester, US)

** Workshop Co-Chairs*
- Mehul Bhatt (University of Bremen, DE)
- Hans W. Guesgen (Massey University, NZ)
- Diane J. Cook (Washington State University, US)

* *Program Committee*

- Bernd Neumann (University of Hamburg, Germany)
- Diane J. Cook (Washington State University, United States)
- Franois Portet (Grenoble Institute of Technology, France)
- Frank Dylla (University of Bremen, Germany)
- Hans Guesgen (Massey University, New Zealand)
- Hedda Schmidtke (Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda, Rwanda)
- Juan Carlos Augusto (Middlesex University, United Kingdom)
- Joachim Hertzberg (University of Osnabrck, Germany)
- Kai Kunze (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
- Mitja Lustrek (Joz(ef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)
- Mehul Bhatt (University of Bremen, Germany)
- Nico Van de Weghe (Ghent University, Belgium)
- Philippe Muller (Universit Paul Sabatier, Frane)
- Reinhard Moratz (University of Maine, US)
- Seng Loke (La Trobe University, Australia)
- Stefan Woelfl (University of Freiburg, Germany)
- Yacine Amirat (Universit Paris-Est Crteil, France)

*Contact*. { bhatt AT 
, h.w.guesgen AT 
, cook AT  }

*Detailed Call*
The International Workshop on Space, Time, and Ambient Intelligence (STAMI 
2013) will be co-located with the Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference (AAAI-13), 
Bellevue, Washington USA. July 14--18, 2013.

A wide-range of applications within the purview of ambient intelligence, smart 
environments, cognitive assistance systems, and pervasive and ubiquitous 
computing require the ability to represent and reason about dynamic spatial 
phenomena. Systems concerned with observing, interpreting, and interacting in 
an environment populated by humans and artefacts require a formal means for 
representing and reasoning with spatio-temporal, event, and action driven 
phenomena that occur in the environment. The Space, Time, and Ambient 
Intelligence workshop addresses basic research questions concerned with 
operationalising "commonsense situational awareness" for assistive technologies 
within the purview of ambient intelligence and smart environments. Commonsense 
situational awareness in this context is interpreted as "the perception of 
elements within the volume of time and space, the comprehension of their 
meaning, the explanation of their present (observed) status, and the ability to 
project the same in the near future."

This workshop has a special focus on the topic of "spatio-temporal aspects of 
human activity interpretation." We especially welcome research concerned with 
monitoring and interpretation of people interactions, real-time commonsense 
situational awareness involving aspects such as scene perception and 
understanding, perceptual data analytics, and prediction and explanation-driven 
high-level control of autonomous systems. In this context, basic topics deemed 
important include activity and process models, behavior and intention 
interpretation, spatial learning, modelling and reasoning about space, events, 
actions, interaction, spatio-temporal dynamics, and commonsense reasoning about 
spatio-temporal change.

Full paper - March 28
Notification - April 19
Camera ready - May 9

AAAI-13 Early Registration- May 17
AAAI-13 Late Registration - June 14
Workshop date - July 14 or 15

*Topics of Interest*

***Space, Action and Change***
Basic research questions relevant to the formal modelling of, and reasoning 
about, space, actions and change, spatio-temporal dynamics, commonsense 
reasoning about spatio-tempora change may be addressed.

- Qualitative Modelling, Reasoning
- Dynamic Spatial Systems
- Reasoning about Space, Actions and Change
- Spatio-Temporal Abduction
- Spatio-Temporal Continuity
- Qualitative Abstractions of Motion Patterns
- Spatio-Temporal Groundings for Patterns
- Spatio-Temporal Data-Mining
* Sensor Stream Analyses.
* Event Extraction / Individuation
* Sensor Data Fusion
* Stream Annotation, Pattern Mining
- Commonsense Inference about Space and Change
- Non-Monotonic Reasoning, Spatio-Temporal Belief Revision

***Spatio-Temporal Context***
- Scene Description Ontologies
- Situational Context Modelling
- Ontological Modelling of Context
- Models of Indoor Enviornments
- Language-based descriptions of Indoor Spaces

***Activity, Behaviour, Interaction Interpretation***
- Activity and Process Models
- High-level Activity Analyses
- Modelling of Moving Objects
- Abnormality Detection
- Posture, Gesture Analysis

***Applications Domains, Frameworks***
Fundamental research papers may potentially address scenarios / use-cases from 
specific application areas of interest. From an application perspective, STAMI 
is centered on the thematic aspects connected to the formal modelling of Space 
and Interaction within practical systems for pervasive and ubiquitous 
computing, and Spatial Assistance Systems in general.

- Spatial Assistance Systems (SAS)
* design of / for smart environments
* decision support tools
- Location-based Services
- Analytical and Simulation Platforms
- Spatial Data Access Frameworks
- Spatial Data Management Frameworks
- Interfaces for Ambient Intelligent Systems
- Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
- Smart / Intelligent Environments
- Pervasive Advertising, Shopping
- Ambient Healthcare Systems
- Industry Compliance, Interoperability
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Interaction Design

*Contact*. { bhatt AT 
, h.w.guesgen AT 
, cook AT  }