Harold Cohen

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AISB event Bulletin Item

CFP: Computability in Europe 2007, CiE 2007


                               CiE 2007

 Computability in Europe 2007: Computation and Logic in the Real World
                         University of Siena
                        Siena, 18-23 June 2007

                        SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS

                      Deadline: JANUARY 12, 2007

The PROGRAMME COMMITTEE of CiE 2007 cordially invites all researchers
(European and non-European) in computability related areas to submit their
papers (in PDF-format, max 10 pages) for presentation at CiE 2007: see the
conference website (above) for the online submission procedure.

The CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS will be published by Springer Lecture Notes in
Computer Science (LNCS). There will also be journal special issues: APAL,
JLC, TCS-C, ToCS - to which full versions of selected submissions to CiE 2007 will be invited to be submitted. For a list of conference topics see: http://www.amsta.leeds.ac.uk/~pmt6sbc/cie07.descr.html#themes

Notification of Authors:  Feb.  16, 2007
Deadline for Final Revisions: Mar. 9, 2007
Deadline for Submission of Informal Presentations: Apr. 27, 2007


PIETER ADRIAANS (Amsterdam) - Learning as Data Compression
KOBI BENENSON (Harvard) - Biological Computing
ANNE CONDON (Vancouver) - Computational challenges in prediction and
      design of nucleic acid structure
STEPHEN COOK (Toronto) -   Low Level Reverse Mathematics
YURI ERSHOV (Novosibirsk) - tba
WOLFGANG MAASS (Graz) - Theoretical Aspects of Biological Computation
SOPHIE LAPLANTE (Paris) - Using Kolmogorov Complexity to Define Individual
      Security of Cryptographic Systems
ANIL NERODE (Cornell) - Logic and Control
ROGER PENROSE (Oxford) - tba
MICHAEL RATHJEN (Leeds) - Theories and Ordinals in Proof Theory
DANA SCOTT (Carnegie Mellon) - Two Categories for Computability
ROBERT I. SOARE (Chicago) - Computability and Incomputability
PHILIP WELCH (Bristol) - tba


* Doing without Turing Machines: Constructivism and Formal Topology
(Chairs: Giovanni Sambin, Dieter Spreen):
Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana)
Douglas Bridges (Canterbury, NZ)
Thierry Coquand (Goeteborg)
Martin Escardo (Birmingham)
Maria Emilia Maietti (Padua)

* Approaches to Computational Learning (Chairs: Marco Gori, Franco
John Case (Newark, Delaware)
Klaus Meer (Odense)
Frank Stephan (Singapore)
Osamu Watanabe (Tokyo)

* Real Computation (Chairs: Vasco Brattka, Pietro Di Gianantonio):
Pieter Collins (Amsterdam)
Abbas Edalat (London)
Hajime Ishihara (Tokyo)
Robert Rettinger (Hagen)
Martin Ziegler (Paderborn)

* Computability and Mathematical Structure (Chairs: Serikzhan Badaev, Marat Arslanov):
Vasco Brattka (Cape Town)
Barbara F. Csima (Waterloo)
Sergey S. Goncharov (Novosibirsk)
Jiri Wiedermann (Prague)
Liang Yu (Nanjing)

* Complexity of Algorithms and Proofs (Chairs: Elvira Mayordomo, Jan
Eric Allender (Rutgers)
Joerg Flum (Freiburg)
Michal Koucky (Prague)
Neil Thapen (Prague)
Heribert Vollmer (Hannover)

* Logic and New Paradigms of Computability (Chairs: Paola Bonizzoni, Olivier Bournez):
Felix Costa (Lisbon)
Natasha Jonoska (Tampa, Florida)
Giancarlo Mauri (Milan)
Grzegorz Rozenberg (Leiden)
Damien Woods (Cork)

* Computational Foundations of Physics and Biology (Chairs: Guglielmo
Tamburrini, Christopher Timpson):
James Ladyman (Bristol)
Itamar Pitowsky (Jerusalem)
Grzegorz Rozenberg (Leiden)
Giuseppe Trautteur (Naples)

WOMEN IN COMPUTABILITY WORKSHOP in association with the Computer Research Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W) Organisers: Paola Bonizzoni, Elvira Mayordomo Speakers: Anne Condon (Vancouver), Natasha Jonoska (Florida), Carmen Leccardi (Milan), and others


M. Agrawal (Kanpur)                      M. Arslanov (Kazan)
G. Ausiello (Roma)                       A. Bauer (Ljubljana)
A. Beckmann (Swansea)                    U. Berger (Swansea)
A. Cantini (Firenze)                     B. Cooper (Leeds, co-chair)
L. Crosilla (Firenze)                    J. Diaz (Barcelona)
C. Dimitracopoulos (Athens)              F. Ferreira (Lisbon)
S. Goncharov (Novosibirsk)               P. Gruenwald (Amsterdam)
D. Harel (Rehovot)                       A. Hodges (Oxford)
J. Kempe (Paris)                         G. Longo (Paris)
B. Loewe (Amsterdam)                     J. Makowsky (Haifa)
E. Mayordomo Camara (Zaragoza)           W. Merkle (Heidelberg)
F. Montagna (Siena)                      D. Normann (Oslo)
T. Pheidas (Heraklion)                   G. Rozenberg (Leiden)
G. Sambin (Padova)                       H. Schwichtenberg (Muenchen)
W. Sieg (Carnegie Mellon)                A. Sorbi (Siena, co-chair)
I. Soskov (Sofia)                        P. van Emde Boas (Amsterdam)

CONFIRMED SPONSORS OF CiE 2007: AILA (Associazione Italiana di Logica e
Applicazioni), EATCS (European Association for Theoretical Computer
Science), ASL (Association for Symbolic Logic), EACSL (European Association for Computer Science Logic), FoLLI (The Association of Logic, Language and Information), and The University of Siena.

CiE 2007 will be co-located with CCA 2007, the annual CCA (Computability and Complexity in Analysis) Conference (Siena, College Santa Chiara, June 16-18, 2007):