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AISB event Bulletin Item

CFP: Asian Computing Science Conference ASIAN 07



               12th Annual Asian Computing Science Conference
                  Focusing on Computer and Network Security

                             December 9-11, 2007

                         Carnegie Mellon University
                                Doha, Qatar


The ASIAN conference series provides  a forum for researchers throughout  Asia
to present cutting-edge results in yearly-themed areas of Computer Science, to
discuss advances in these fields, and to  interact with researchers from other
continents. The 2007 edition focuses on computer and network security.

Networked  computer systems stand at the  core of today's information society:
by providing fast access to huge quantities of information, they enable higher
productivity at a  much higher convenience than  ever  in the past.  They also
provide  a  substantial opportunity  for abuse. The  closely related  areas of
Network and Computer  Security are  concerned with  mitigating this risk   and
preventing disruption, fraud, disclosure, etc. The former tends to concentrate
on the infrastructure, while the latter deals with  everything else. In recent
years, they have made enormous progress both  in our theoretical understanding
of  what security   is and   in    the development   of  practical  protection
mechanisms.  Yet,   they are   engaged  in a   continuing arms   race  with an
underground  army of ever  more   sophisticated  attackers  intent to   bypass
whatever shield protects  a system. This  makes network  and computer security
one of the most active fields in today's scientific landscape.

New results in the  fields of computer  and network security are welcome. Also
welcome  are more exploratory presentations, which  may examine open questions
and raise  fundamental concerns about existing  theories and practices. Topics
of interest include, but are not limited to:

  * Access control                   * Data and system integrity
  * Database security                * Distributed systems security
  * Privacy and Anonymity            * Security for mobile computing
  * Cryptographic protocols          * Wireless network security
  * Trust and trust management       * Denial-of-service and prevention
  * Authentication                   * Intrusion detection and avoidance
  * Digital rights management        * Digital forensics
  * Executable content               * Vulnerabilities and risk management
  * Language-based security          * Secure electronic commerce
  * Formal methods for security      * Secure software engineering

Invited Speakers

It has been  a  tradition of ASIAN  to  invite three of  the  most influential
researchers in the focus area, one from Asia, one from Europe and one from the
Americas, to discuss their work and their vision for the field. We are honored
that the following members of the community have accepted this invitation.

  * Joshua Guttman, MITRE (USA)
  * Andrei Sabelfeld, Chalmers University (Sweden)
  * Kazuhiko Kato, University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Submission Instructions

Submissions must not substantially overlap papers  that have been published or
that are   simultaneously  submitted  to a journal     or  a conference   with
proceedings.  Papers should be  submitted in  Postscript or Portable  Document
Format (PDF); papers submitted in a  proprietary word processor format such as
Microsoft Word cannot be considered. Submissions can be of two types:

  * Regular papers  are  meant to describe  solid new   research results. They
    can be up to 15 pages long in  LNCS style, including figures, bibliography
    and appendices.
  * Short papers are intended to report  on interesting work in progress. They
    can be at most 7 pages long in the LNCS style.

Papers     can       be      electronically     submitted    by       visiting
http://www.easychair.org/ASIAN07/.  Prospective  authors are   required     to
register a title  and an abstract a  week before the paper submission deadline
(see below).

As with  the previous editions, the  proceedings of ASIAN'07 will be published
in Springer-Verlag's Lecture  Notes in Computer  Science series. They  will be
available at the conference.


Authors of accepted  papers are required  to ensure that at  least one will be
present at  the symposium. Papers that  do not adhere  to this policy  will be
removed from the proceedings.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:   July 27, 2007
Paper submission deadline:      August 3, 2007
Notification of acceptance:     September 7, 2007
Camera-ready papers:            September 28, 2007
ASIAN 2007:                     December 9-11, 2007

Program Committee

  * Michael Backes,     Saarland University (Germany)
  * Iliano Cervesato,   Carnegie Mellon University (Qatar) - chair
  * Anupam Datta,       Stanford University (USA)
  * Mourad Debbabi,     Concordia University (Canada)
  * Sven Dietrich,      CERT (USA)
  * Masami Hagiya,      University of Tokyo (Japan)
  * Yassine Lakhnech,   VERIMAG (France)
  * Ninghui Li,         Purdue University (USA)
  * Catherine Meadows,  Naval Research Lab (USA)
  * R. Ramanujam,       Institute of Mathematical Sciences (India)
  * Takamichi Saito,    Meiji University (Japan)
  * Dheeraj Sanghi,     IIT Kanpur (India)
  * Thierry Sans,       Carnegie Mellon University (Qatar)
  * Andre Scedrov,      University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  * Vitaly Shmatikov,   University of Texas-Austin (USA)
  * Duminda Wijesekera, George Mason University (USA)
  * Yuqing Zhang,       Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
  * Jianying Zhou,      Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore)

Contact Information

Email:     asian07@qatar.cmu.edu
Web page:  http://www.qatar.cmu.edu/asian07