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                     19th International Conference

                   July 3 - 7, 2007, Berlin, Germany


		  Regular registration deadline: June 15.

CAV 2007 is the 19th Computer-Aided Verification conference. It will be
held at the Park Inn Hotel, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany, July 3-7, 2007. 
The conference will start with one day of tutorials (July 3rd), followed by 4
days of the main conference (July 4-7th). Seven affiliated workshops will be
held in the two days before and the day after CAV (July 1st-2nd and 
July 8th).You can find the program  for CAV 2007, links to affiliated 
workshops,  and information on how to register for CAV and the
workshops at the conference web site:

IMPORTANT: The number of available hotel rooms is getting low. Please check 
availability of rooms before registering.

The CAV conference is dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice 
of computer-aided formal analysis methods for hardware and software systems. 
CAV considers it vital to continue its leadership in hardware verification, 
and maintain its recent momentum in software verification. The conference 
covers the spectrum from theoretical results to concrete applications, with an 
emphasis on practical verification tools and the algorithms and techniques 
that are needed for their implementation. The proceedings of the conference 
will be published in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science 
series. A selection of papers will be invited to a special issue of the 
International Journal on Formal Methods and System Design.  


* Byron Cook (Microsoft Research): "Automatically Proving Program Termination"

* David Russinoff (AMD): "A Mathematical Approach to RTL Verification"

* Thomas Kropf (Robert Bosch AG): "Software Bugs seen from an Industrial 
                                   Perspective; or: Can Formal Methods help 
				   on Automotive Software Development?"

TUTORIALS (July 3rd):

"Modeling, Verification, and Synthesis of Component Interfaces"
	by Tom Henzinger (EPFL)

"A Tutorial on Satisfiability Modulo Theories"
	by Natarajan Shankar (SRI)

"A JML Tutorial: Modular Specification and Verification of Functional 
 Behavior for Java"
 	by Gary T. Leavens (Iowa State U.)

"Verification of Hybrid Systems"
	by Martin Frnzle (CvO U Oldenburg)

Conference Program

The main CAV 2007 program consists of 33 regular papers and 14 tool papers.

Affiliated Events

CAV 2007 will be preceeded by two (July 1st-2nd) and followed by one 
day (July 8th) of workshops.

* FMICS 2007: 12th Intl. Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical 
  Systems, July 1-2

* SMT 2007: 5th International Workshop onSatisfiability Modulo Theories, 
  July 1-2

* ARTIST Workshop on tool platforms for modelling, analysis and validation 
  of embedded systems, July 1-2

* PDMC 2007: 6th Int. Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Methods in 
  verifiCation, July 8

* AHA 2007: International Symposium on Automatic Heap Analysis, July 2

* GVD 2007: 3rd German Verification Day, July 1

* SPIN 2007: 14th International SPIN Workshop on Model Checking of 
  Software, July 1-3

In addition, the results of two tool competitions, the "Satisfiability 
Modulo Theories Competition" SMT-COMP (held in parallel with CAV), and
the "Hardware Model Checking Competition" HWMCC'07 (held before CAV), will 
be presented within the scientific program of CAV 2007.


CAV 2007 gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of the
following companies and institutions:
Artist2 Network of Excellence, Cadence Design Systems, the German
Science Foundation, IBM, Informatik Saarland, Intel Corporation, Microsoft
Research, NEC and Synopsys.

CAV 2007 Program Chairs:

* Werner Damm, CvO U Oldenburg
* Holger Hermanns, Saarland U

CAV 2007 Program Committee

* Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Uppsala U
* Rajeev Alur, U Penn
* Sergey Berezin, Synopsys
* Armin Biere, JKU Linz
* Roderick Bloem, TU Graz
* Ahmed Bouajjani, U Paris 7
* Alessandro Cimatti, IRST Trento
* Edmund M. Clarke, CMU
* Werner Damm, U Oldenburg
* Limor Fix, Intel
* Patrice Godefroid, Microsoft Research
* Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, U of Utah
* Susanne Graf, Verimag
* Orna Grumberg, Technion
* Holger Hermanns, Saarland U
* Robert Jones, Intel
* Orna Kupferman, Hebrew U
* Robert P. Kurshan, Cadence
* John Lygeros, ETH Zuerich
* Tom Melham, Oxford U
* Ken McMillan, Cadence
* Jakob Rehof, U Dortmund
* Koushik Sen, UC Berkeley
* Fabio Somenzi, U Boulder
* Ashish Tiwari, SRI International
* Frits Vaandrager, U Nijmegen
* Yaron Wolfstal, IBM Haifa

CAV Steering Committee

* Edmund M. Clarke, CMU
* Mike Gordon, U. Cambridge
* Robert Kurshan, Cadence
* Amir Pnueli, NYU