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AISB event Bulletin Item

CF Participation: International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning ICCBR 2007

  ICCBR 2007                        Call for Participation 
        Seventh International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning 
        Belfast, Northern Ireland, 13-16 August 2007 

When you make your travel plans, please note that the conference offers a full schedule on Thursday, August 16. See summary schedule below. 


        SUNDAY, AUGUST  12 

        Bus tour of Belfast (6:00 pm) ( 

        MONDAY, AUGUST  13 

8:006:00pm     Registration 

8:308:40am     Welcome and Opening 

8:409:40am     Invited speaker: David W. Aha, "Addressing Perceptions of CBR" 

9:4010:00am    Coffee Break 

10:0012:05pm   Plenary session: 5 oral presentations                 
                   Chair: TBA 

10:0010:25am   1. From Anomaly Reports to Cases                 
                Stewart Massie, Nirmalie  Wiratunga , Susan Craw, Alessandro  Donati, Emmanuel  Vicari 

10:2510:50am   2. Catching the Drift: Using Feature-Free Case-Based Reasoning for Spam Filtering         
                Sarah Jane Delany and Derek Bridge 

10:5011:15am   3. Case Authoring: from Textual Reports to Knowledge-rich Cases         
                Stella Asiimwe, Susan Craw, Bruce Taylor, Nirmalie Wiratunga 

11:1511:40am   4. Application of the Revision Theory to Adaptation in Case-Based Reasoning: the Conservative Adaptation                 
                Jean Lieber 

11:40 12:05pm  5. When Similar Problems Don't Have Similar Solutions                 
                Stewart Massie, Susan Craw, Nirmalie Wiratunga 

12:052:00pm    Lunch 

2:003:05pm     CBR Research outside ICCBR and ECCBR         
                  Chair: Mirjam Minor 

2:002:15pm     Case-Based Techniques Used for Dialogue Understanding and Planning in a Human-Robot Dialogue System         
                  Karolina Eliasson (IJCAI07) 

2:152:30pm     Credible Case-Based Inference Using Similarity Profiles                 
                  Eyke Hllermeier (IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2007) 

2:302:45pm     An Argumentation Based Approach to Multi-Agent Learning                         
                    Enric Plaza (FLAIRS'07) 

2:452:50pm     Questions 
2:503:05pm           Answers and Further Clarifications from Authors 

3:053:30pm     Coffee Break 

3:306:00pm     Poster session papers                         
                   Chair: TBA 

                Knowledge Extraction and Summarization for an Application of Textual Case-Based Interpretation         
                Eni Mustafaraj 

                Failure Analysis for Domain Knowledge Acquisition in a Knowledge-Intensive CBR System         
                Amlie Cordier, Batrice Fuchs, Jean Lieber, Alain Mille 

                Case-Based Group Recommendation: Compromising for Success         
                Kevin McCarthy, Lorraine McGinty, Barry Smyth 

                Assessing Classification Accuracy in the Revision Stage of a CBR Spam Filtering System         
                Jos Ramn Mndez, Carlos Gonzlez, Daniel Glez-Pea, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Fernando Daz, Juan Manuel Corchado 
                A Methodology for Analyzing the Case Retrieval from a Clustered Case Memory         
                Albert Fornells-Herrera, Elisabet Golobardes-Rib, Josep Maria Martorell-Rodon, Josep Maria Garrell-Guiu, Nria Maci-Antolinez, Ester Bernad-Mansilla 
                Mixed-Initiative Relaxation of Constraints in Critiquing Dialogues         
                David McSherry, David Aha 
                Team Playing Behavior in Robot Soccer: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach         
                Raquel Ros, Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Josep Lluis Arcos, Manuela Veloso 
                Methodological Assistance for Integrating Data Quality Evaluations into Case-Based reasoning systems         
                Annett Bierer 
                Label Ranking in Case-Based Reasoning         
                Klaus Brinker, Eyke Huellermeier 
                Case-Based Anomaly Detection         
                Giuseppe Sansonetti, Alessandro Micarelli 
                Enhancing Case-Based, Collaborative Web Search         
                Oisin Boydell, Barry Smyth 
                Intelligent Guidance and Suggestions using Case-Based Planning         
                Juan Manuel Corchado, Javier Bajo 
                Case-Based Reasoning Adaptation for High Dimensional Solution Space         
                Ying Zhang 
                Classify and Diagnose Individual Stress Using Calibration and Fuzzy Case-Based Reasoning         
                Shahina Begum, Mobyen Ahmed, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo von Schele 
                Case Based Reasoning for Invoice Analysis and Recognition         
                Hatem Hamza, Yolande Belaid, Abdel Belaid 
                Case-based Support for Library Reference Services         
                Yen Ann Bui 
                Case-Based Reasoning in Robot Indoor Navigation         
                Giuseppe Sansonetti, Alessandro Micarelli, Stefano Panzieri 
                Acquiring Word Similarities with Higher Order Association Mining         
                Sutanu Chakraborti, Nirmalie Wiratunga , Robert Lothian , Stuart Watt 

6:307:00pm    Transportation to reception 
7:009:30pm    Welcoming Reception 

        TUESDAY, AUGUST  14 

8:306:00pm     Registration 

8:359:35am     Keynote speaker: Larry Kerschberg, "The Role of XML Databases in Intelligent Search and Case-Based Reasoning"   

9:3510:00am    Coffee Break 

10:0012:00pm   Industry Program: demos and presentations from the industry         
                Chair: Thomas Roth-Berghofer 

10:0010:10am         Welcome and Introduction 

10:1010:30am         Fighting corruption at the Peruvian Court of Auditors                 
                Ralph Traphner, empolis 

10:3010:50am         CBR for Determining Attachments Needed When Submitting a Healthcare Insurance Claim                 
                    Bill Cheetham, GE-CRD 

10:5011:10am         CBR for Aircraft Engine Diagnostics                         
                    Dan Cleary 

11:1011:30am         The empolis information access suite                         
                     Ralph Traphner, empolis 

11:3012:00pm         Discussion 

12:001:45pm    Lunch 

1:452:45pm         Panel:  CBR Industry and Research                 
                Invitees: TBA 

2:453:50pm     CBR Applications outside ICCBR and ECCBR         
                   Chair: Ralph Bergmann 

2:453:00pm         GRID, retrieval of process templates                 
                Ulf Mller (WM'2007) 

3:003:15pm         CBR for designing gas treatment plants: Lessons learned                 
                Josep Llus Arcos (multiple publications and new results) 

3:153:30pm         Experience Management                 
                    Markus Nick (multiple publications)   

3:303:35pm     Questions 
3:353:50pm            Answers and Further Clarifications from Authors 

3:504:00pm        Coffee Break 

4:006:05pm     Plenary session: 5 oral presentations of applied research         
                   Chair: TBA 

4:004:25pm     1. Watershed Segmentation via Case-Based Reasoning                 
                Maria Frucci, Petra Perner, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja 

4:254:50pm           2. A Case-Based Song Scheduler for Group Customised Radio                 
                Claudio Baccigalupo and Enric Plaza 

4:505:15pm            3. Helping Software Engineers Reusing UML Class Diagrams                 
                Paulo Gomes, Pedro Gandola, Joel Cordeiro 

5:155:40pm     4. Prototypical Cases for Knowledge Maintenance in Biomedical CBR         
                Isabelle Bichindaritz 

5:406:05pm     5. Representation and Structure-Based Similarity Assessment for Agile Workflows         
                Mirjam Minor, Alexander Tartakovski, Ralph Bergmann 

7:0010:30pm    Gala Dinner 

        WEDNESDAY, AUGUST  15 

8:306:00pm     Registration 

8:309:30am        Workshop Program Invited Speaker: Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier, Similarity, analogy and case-based reasoning   

9:309:45am     Coffee Break 

9:45-1:00pm         Workshops: Morning Session 

9:45-1:00pm         Room A: Uncertainty and Fuzziness in Case-Based Reasoning 

9:45-1:00pm         Room B: Knowledge Discovery and Similarity 

9:45-1:00pm         Room C: Case Based Reasoning and Context-Awareness 

1:00-2:30pm         Lunch 

2:30-4:00pm         Workshops: Afternoon Session I 

2:30-4:00pm         Room A: Textual Case-Based Reasoning: Beyond Retrieval Part I 

2:30-4:00pm         Room B: Case Based Reasoning in the Health Sciences Part I 

4:00-4:30pm         Coffee Break 

4:30-6:00pm         Workshops: Afternoon Session II 

4:30-6:00pm         Room A: Textual Case-Based Reasoning: Beyond Retrieval Part II 

4:30-6:00pm         Room B: Case Based Reasoning in the Health Sciences Part II 

6:007:00pm        Program Committee Meeting 

        THURSDAY, AUGUST  16 

8:306:00pm     Registration 

8:45-9:45am     Invited Speaker:  Eva Armengol, "Usages of generalization in CBR"   

9:4510:00am    Coffee Break 

10:0012:00pm         Workshop Summaries                 
                    Chair: David Wilson 

12:001:45pm    Lunch 

1:452:45pm     Keynote speaker: Hans-Dieter Burkhard, "Cases in Robotic Soccer" 

2:453:00pm     Coffee Break 

3:005:05pm        Plenary session: 5 oral presentations         
                    Chair: TBA 

3:003:25pm     1. Case Provenance: The Value of Remembering Case Sources         
                   David Leake and Matthew Whitehead   

3:253:50pm     2. An Analysis of Case-Based Value Function Approximation by Approximating State Transition Graphs         
                  Thomas Gabel and Martin Riedmiller 

3:504:15pm     3. Mining Large-Scale Knowledge Sources for Case Adaptation Knowledge         
                David Leake and Jay Powell 

4:154:40pm     4. Case-Based Planning and Execution for Real-Time Strategy Games         
                Santiago Ontan, Kinshuk Mishra, Neha Sugandh, Ashwin Ram 

4:405:05pm     5. Using Cases Utility for Heuristic Planning Improvement                 
                Toms de la Rosa, Angel Garca Olaya, Daniel Borrajo 

5:05pm             Adjourn 

7:009:00pm     Pub Tour Please book with David Patterson by Monday, August 13th, in person at the reception or by email 
                The Pub Tour guides can also tell you all you need to know about any landmarks in Belfast as well  not just the pubs. At 9pm we will come back to hear *live* traditional Irish music playing.