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AISB event Bulletin Item

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Mastering the Gap 2007

 ISWC2007 Workshop

From Information Extraction to Semantic Representation

      ======> DEADLINE EXTENDED <=======

... in brief
The Workshop focuses on the interface between the information extracted
from content objects and the semantic layer in which this information is
explicitly represented in the form of ontologies and their instances.
The Workshop will provide an opportunity for discussing adequate
methods, processes (pipelines) and representation formats for the
annotation process.

Automating the process of semantic annotation of content objects is a
crucial step for bootstrapping the Semantic Web. This process requires a
complex flow of activities which combines competences from different
areas. The Workshop will focus precisely on the interface between the
information extracted from content objects (e.g., using methods from
NLP, image processing, text mining, etc.) and the semantic layer in
which this information is explicitly represented in the form of
ontologies and their instances. The workshop will provide an opportunity
for: discussing adequate methods, processes (pipelines) and
representation formats for the annotation process; reaching a shared
understanding with respect to the terminology in the area; discussing
the lessons learned from projects in the area, and putting together a
list of the most critical issues to be tackled by the research community
to make further progress in the area.


Some of the possible challenges to be discussed at the workshop are:

* How can ontological/domain knowledge be fed back into the
extraction process?
* How can the semantic layer be extended by the results of
information extraction (e.g. ontology learning)?
* What are the steps of an annotation process, which steps can be
standardized for higher flexibility? Which parts are intrinsically
* What are the requirements towards formats for representing
semantic annotations?
* Where is the borderline of automation and how can it be further
* How can the linking with the semantic layer be supported on the
concept/schema level as well as on the instance level?
* How can knowledge extracted from different sources with different
tools and perhaps different reference ontologies (interoperability) be
merged (semi-)automatically?
* How can extraction technologies for different media (e.g. text and
images) be combined and how can the merged extraction results be
represented in order to create synergies?

The Workshop will be a mixture of short paper presentation and open
discussions on a number of topics related to mastering the gap between
information extraction and semantic representation including (but not
restricted to):

* Annotation representation formats
* Approaches to semantic integration
* Approaches to semantic elicitation
* From lexical entities to entities in the domains
* From extracted features to entities in the domain

All members of the Semantic Web community are invited to submit papers
(of max 15 pages length) reporting on original work in these and related
areas. Submissions should be formatted according to the Springer LNCS
style and will be selected for inclusion based on reviews by domain
experts. At least one author of each accepted submission must attend the
workshop and all workshop participants must pay the ISWC 2007 workshop
registration fee, as well as the conference fee.

The ISWC submission system is open at the following address:
Please select the track "Workshop: Mastering the Gap 2007"

Important Dates
Submission Deadline August 3rd, 2007   <----- EXTENDED !!!
Notification of Acceptance August 31st 2007
Camera Ready September 14th 2007
Date of Workshop November 12th 2007

Organizing Committee
Paolo Bouquet University of Trento, Trento, Italy
Heiko Stoermer University of Trento, Italy
Claudia Niedere L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany
Jean-Pierre Chanod XEROX-XRCE, Grenoble, France
Roberto Brunelli Fondazione Bruno Kessler-irst, Trento

Program Committee
Florence Amardeilh University of Paris IV, France
Yiannis Avrithis IVML-NTUA, Greece
Marco De Gemmis University of Bari, Italy
George Demetriou University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Siegfried Handschuh DERI, Ireland
Dominic Heutelbeck Fernuniversitt Hagen, Germany
Yiannis Kompatsiaris ITI, Greece
Pasquale Lops University of Bari, Italy
Bernardo Magnini Fondazione Bruno Kessler-irst, Trento, Italy
Vronique Malais Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Stefano Messelodi Fondazione Bruno Kessler-irst, Italy
Giovanni Semeraro University of Bari, Italy
Luciano Serafini University of Trento, Italy
Rodolfo Stecher L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany