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The AISB Convention is an annual conference covering the range of AI and Cognitive Science, organised by the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour. The 2015 Convention will be held at the Uni...


Yasemin Erden on BBC

AISB Committee member, and Philosophy Programme Director and Lecturer, Dr Yasemin J. Erden interviewed for the BBC on 29 October 2013. Speaking on the Today programme for BBC Radio 4, as well as the Business Report for BBC world N...


Mark Bishop on BBC ...

Mark Bishop, Chair of the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour, appeared on Newsnight to discuss the ethics of ‘killer robots’. He was approached to give his view on a report raising questions on the et...


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The AISB has launched a YouTube channel: ( The channel currently holds a number of videos from the AISB 2010 Convention. Videos include the AISB round t...


Lighthill Debates

The Lighthill debates from 1973 are now available on YouTube. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video  



AISB event Bulletin Item

CF Participation: Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages 2008 PADL 2008


                    Tenth International Symposium on
             Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages 2008
		             (PADL '08)


                        San Francisco, USA
			January 7-8, 2008

                     Co-located with ACM POPL'08

You are cordially invited to the Tenth International Symposium on
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages that will be held on Jan 7-8,
2008 right before ACM POPL. The program includes invited talks by two
eminent practitioners of declarative techniques/languages: John Launchbury
and Walter Wilson. If you are attending ACM POPL, we encourage
you to stay for a whole week in San Francisco and attend PADL as well.
Please note that the deadline for early registration is fast approaching.

Invited Talks:

	o Industrial Functional Programming
		John Launchbury

	o Large Scale Logic Servers in Business and Government
		Walter Wilson


	o Efficient Reasoning for Nogoods in Constraint Solvers with BDDs
   		Sathiamoorthy Subbarayan.
	o High-Level Database Programming in Curry
   		Bernd Brassel, Michael Hanus and Marion Mueller.
	o Parser Combinators for Ambiguous Left-Recursive Grammars
		Richard Frost, Rahmatullah Hafiz and Paul Callaghan.
	o Switched-on Yampa. Declarative Programming of Modular Synthesizers
		George Giorgidze and Henrik Nilsson.
	o The Role of Abduction in Declarative Authorization Policies
   		Moritz Y. Becker and Sebastian Nanz.
	o Towards a High-Level Implementation of Execution Primitives for
    			Non-restricted, Independent And-parallelism
		Amadeo Casas, Manuel Carro and Manuel Hermenegildo.
	o Certified development tools implementation in Objective Caml
   		B. Pagano, O. Andrieu, B. Canou, E. Chailloux,
			J-L Colaco, T. Moniot and P. Wang.
	o DCGs + Memoing = Packrat Parsing: But is it worth it?
		Ralph Becket and Zoltan Somogyi.
	o Model-Based Testing of Thin-Client Web Applications and Navigation Input
		P. Koopman, P. Achten and R. Plasmeijer.
	o Unification of Arrays in Spreadsheets with Logic Programming
		Phil Cox and Patrick Nicholson.
	o A Generic Programming Toolkit for PADS/ML: First-Class Upgrades
			for Third-Party Developers
		M. Fernandez, K. Fisher, J. Nathan Foster, M. Greenberg and Y. Mandelbaum.
	o Automatic Coding Rule Conformance Checking Using Logic Programming
		G. Marpons, J. Mario, A. Herranz, L. Fredlund,
			M. Carro and J. J. Moreno-Navarro.
	o Multi-threading programming in Logtalk
		Paulo Moura, Paul Crocker and Paulo Jorge Nunes.
	o Scheduling light-weight parallelism in ARTCOP
		Jost Berthold, Abyd Al Zain and Hans-Wolfgang Loidl.
	o Specialising Simulator Generators for High-Performance Monte-Carlo Methods
    		G. Keller, H. Chaffey-Millar, M. Chakravarty, D. Stewart and C. Barner-Kowollik.
	o Hierarchical Master-Worker Skeletons
    		Jost Berthold, Mischa Dieterle, Rita Loogen and Steffen Priebe.
	o Comprehension and dependency analysis of aspect-oriented programs through declarative reasoning
    		Laleh Mousavi Eshkevari, Venera Arnaoudova and Constantinos Constantinides.
	o An Improved Continuation Call-Based Implementation of Tabling
		Pablo Chico de Guzmn, Manuel Carro, Manuel Hermenegildo,
			Cludio Silva and Ricardo Rocha.
	o Matchete: Paths through the Pattern Matching Jungle
		Martin Hirzel, Nathaniel Nystrom, Bard Bloom and Jan Vitek.
	o Flexible, Rule-based Constraint Model Linearisation
		Sebastian Brand, Gregory Duck, Jakob Puchinger and Peter Stuckey.

Conference Organization:

	General Chair: Hai-Feng Guo
	Program Chair: Paul Hudak & David Warren