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AISB event Bulletin Item

CF position papers: Exploiting Concurrency Efficiently and Correctly ((EC)^2)


Call for Position Papers
     Exploiting Concurrency Efficiently and Correctly ((EC)^2)
                        CAV 2008 Workshop
                  July 7-8, 2008, Princeton, NJ

Our ability to effectively harness the computational power of the next
generation of multiprocessor and multicore architectures is predicated
upon advances in programming languages and tools for developing
concurrent software.  This has resulted in a surge of
concurrency-related research activity from different viewpoints, such
as rethinking of programming abstractions and memory models;
standardization and formalization of commonly used APIs (e.g., MPI,
OpenMP); and new forms of hardware support for parallel processing.

While developing tools for verifying and debugging concurrent systems
has been an important theme at CAV, we believe that formal methods
research can go beyond checking existing code/systems, and play a role
in identifying the "right" abstractions for concurrency.  The goal of
this workshop is to bring together CAV researchers with experts who
are involved in developing multicore architectures, programming
languages, and concurrency libraries.

Invited Speakers:

Saman Amarsinghe, MIT
Jim Larus, Microsoft Research
Edward Lee, UC Berkeley
Vivek Sarkar, Rice University
Michael Scott, University of Rochester


The two-day workshop will include five invited talks and several panel
sessions.  Authors of position papers will be given an opportunity to
present their ideas either as a short presentation or as a poster. A
booklet consisting of all the position papers will be distributed to
the workshop participants.

We seek submissions of position statements between 2 and 4 pages. There
are many possible themes for a position paper, including a survey of
the authors' relevant recent research, a discussion of deficiencies in
current languages and tools, challenges for future verification
research, and/or a vision for change.  Submissions on all topics
relevant to the workshop title are welcome, including

-- Transactional memory
-- Programming constructs for concurrency
-- Formalization of concurrency libraries
-- Verification tools
-- Hardware support for correctness
-- Introducing concurrency in education

Of particular interest are position statements from those engaged in
significant case studies.

Submission deadline: April 10, 2008

Notification of acceptance: April 25, 2008

Submission instructions: Prepare a 2-4 page position paper in PDF
format using any tool you like.  The title and the name of the authors
should appear at the top of the first page.  Email this PDF document
to ec2@cis.udel.edu.  The position papers will be compiled into a
booklet that will be handed out to all workshop participants on the
first day of the workshop. The papers will not be published.

At least one author of each position paper is expected to register and
attend to present the same.

For more information, visit http://www.cs.utah.edu/ec2/


Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, University of Utah
Vineet Kahlon, NEC Labs
Stephen Siegel, University of Delaware