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AISB event Bulletin Item

CFP: CiE2008 Computability in Europe 2008: Logic and Theory of Algorithms - extended deadline

Due to hugh request, we have extended the paper submission deadline to
            January 14th, 2008


   Computability in Europe 2008: Logic and Theory of Algorithms
                 University of Athens, June 15-20 2008

            January 14th, 2008

CiE 2008 is the fourth in a series of conferences organised by CiE
(Computability in Europe), a European network of mathematicians,
logicians, computer scientists, philosophers, physicists and
others interested in new developments in computability and their
underlying significance for the real world. Previous meetings took
place in Amsterdam (2005), Swansea (2006) and Siena (2007).

CiE 2008 aims at bridging the gap from the logical methods of mathematical and meta-mathematical flavour to the applied and industrial questions that are involved in devising and choosing the right algorithms and analysing their effectiveness and efficiency.

TUTORIALS will be given by:
John V. Tucker (Swansea)
Moshe Y. Vardi (Houston, TX)

PLENARY SPEAKERS will include:
Keith Devlin (Stanford, CA)
Rosalie Iemhoff (Utrecht)
Antonina Kolokolova (Vancouver, BC)
Janos Makowsky (Haifa)
Dag Normann (Oslo)
Prakash Panangaden (Montreal, QC)
Christos Papadimitriou (Berkeley, CA)
Jan van Leeuwen (Utrecht) & Jiri Wiedermann (Prague)

for more informations on Plenary Speakers.

SPECIAL SESSIONS Algorithms in the history of mathematics
  (organized by J. Hoyrup, Roskilde, and K. Chemla, Paris) Formalising mathematics and extracting algorithms from proofs
  (organized by H. Barendregt, Nijmegen, and M. Seisenberger, Swansea) Higher type recursion theory and applications
  (organized by U. Berger, Swansea, and D. Normann, Oslo)
Algorithmic game theory
  (organized by E. Koutsoupias, Athens, and B. von Stengel, London)
Quantum algorithms and complexity
  (organized by V. Kendon, Leeds, and B. Coecke, Oxford)
Biology and computation
  (organized by N. Jonoska, Tampa FL, and G. Mauri, Milano)
for more informations on special sessions.

CiE 2008 conference topics include, but not exclusively

   * Admissible sets
   * Analog computation
   * Artificial intelligence
   * Automata theory
   * Classical computability and degree structures
   * Complexity classes
   * Computability theoretic aspects of programs
   * Computable analysis and real computation
   * Computable structures and models
   * Computational and proof complexity
   * Computational learning and complexity
   * Concurrency and distributed computation
   * Constructive mathematics
   * Cryptographic complexity
   * Decidability of theories
   * Derandomization
   * DNA computing
   * Domain theory and computability
   * Dynamical systems and computational models
   * Effective descriptive set theory
   * Finite model theory
   * Formal aspects of program analysis
   * Formal methods
   * Foundations of computer science
   * Games
   * Generalized recursion theory
   * History of computation
   * Hybrid systems
   * Higher type computability
   * Hypercomputational models
   * Infinite time Turing machines
   * Kolmogorov complexity
   * Lambda and combinatory calculi
   * L-systems and membrane computation
   * Mathematical models of emergence
   * Molecular computation
   * Neural nets and connectionist models
   * Philosophy of science and computation
   * Physics and computability
   * Probabilistic systems
   * Process algebra
   * Programming language semantics
   * Proof mining
   * Proof theory and computability
   * Quantum computing and complexity
   * Randomness
   * Reducibilities and relative computation
   * Relativistic computation
   * Reverse mathematics
   * Swarm intelligence
   * Type systems  and type theory
   * Uncertain reasoning
   * Weak systems of arithmetic and applications

Contributed papers will be selected from submissions received by the PROGRAMME COMMITTEE consisting of:

L. Aiello (Roma)	       	T. Altenkirch (Nottingham)
K. Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg) 	G. Ausiello (Roma)
A. Beckmann (Swansea, co-chair) L. Beklemishev (Moscow)
P. Bonizzoni (Milano)		S. A. Cook (Toronto ON)
B. Cooper (Leeds)		C. Dimitracopoulos (Athens, co-chair)
R. Downey (Wellington)		E. Koutsoupias (Athens)
O. Kupferman (Jerusalem) 	S. Laplante (Orsay)
H. Leitgeb (Bristol)		B. Loewe (Amsterdam)
E. Mayordomo Camara (Zaragoza) 	F. Montagna (Siena)
M. Mytilinaios (Athens) (+) 	M. Nielsen (Aarhus)
I. Oitavem (Lisboa)		C. Palamidessi (Palaiseau)
T. Pheidas (Heraklion)		Ramanujam (Chennai)
A. Schalk (Manchester)		U. Schoening (Ulm)
H. Schwichtenberg (Muenchen) 	A. Selman (Buffalo NY)
A. Sorbi (Siena)		I. Soskov (Sofia)
C. Timpson (Leeds)		S. Zachos (New York NY)

We cordially invite all researchers (European and non-European) in computability related areas to submit their papers (in PDF-
format, max 10 pages) for presentation at CiE 2008. We particularly invite papers that build bridges between different parts of the research community.

The CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS will be published by LNCS, Springer-Verlag.  There will also be journal special issues, collecting invited contributions related to the conference.  Special issues will be published in the journals "Theory of Computing Systems", the "Archive for Mathematical Logic", and the "Journal of Algorithms". See
for more informations on publications.