Harold Cohen

Harold Cohen, tireless computer art pioneer dies at 87   Harold Cohen at the Tate (1983) Aaron image in background   Harold Cohen died at 87 in his studio on 27th April 2016 in Encintias California, USA.The first time I hear...


Dancing with Pixies?...

At TEDx Tottenham, London Mark Bishop (the former chair of the Society) demonstrates that if the ongoing EU flagship science project - the 1.6 billion dollar "Human Brain Project” - ultimately succeeds in understanding all as...


Computerised Minds. ...

A video sponsored by the society discusses Searle's Chinese Room Argument (CRA) and the heated debates surrounding it. In this video, which is accessible to the general public and those with interest in AI, Olly's Philosophy Tube ...


Erden in AI roundtab...

On Friday 4th September, philosopher and AISB member Dr Yasemin J Erden, participated in an AI roundtable at Second Home, hosted by Index Ventures and SwiftKey.   Joining her on the panel were colleagues from academia and indu...


AISB Convention 2016

The AISB Convention is an annual conference covering the range of AI and Cognitive Science, organised by the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour. The 2016 Convention will be held at the Uni...


Bishop and AI news

Stephen Hawking thinks computers may surpass human intelligence and take over the world. This view is based on the ideology that all aspects of human mentality will eventually be realised by a program running on a suitable compu...


Connection Science

All individual members of The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour have a personal subscription to the Taylor Francis journal Connection Science as part of their membership. How to Acce...


Al-Rifaie on BBC

AISB Committee member and Research Fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London, Dr Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie was interviewed by the BBC (in Farsi) along with his colleague Mohammad Ali Javaheri Javid on the 6 November 2014. He was a...


AISB YouTube Channel

The AISB has launched a YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AISBTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/AISBTube). The channel currently holds a number of videos from the AISB 2010 Convention. Videos include the AISB round t...



AISB event Bulletin Item

CF Participation: Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation WoLLIC 2008


 Call for Participation

          15th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation
                                (WoLLIC 2008)
                           Heriot-Watt University
                             Edinburgh, Scotland
                               July 1-4, 2008

         >>>>>>  SPECIAL: There will be a screening of George Csicsery's
                 with kind permission of the film director

     WoLLIC is an annual international forum on inter-disciplinary research
     involving formal logic, computing and programming theory, and natural
     language and reasoning.  Each meeting includes invited talks and
     tutorials as well as contributed papers.

     The Fifteenth WoLLIC will be held in the campus of Heriot-Watt Univ,
     Edinburgh, Scotland, from July 1 to July 4, 2008. It is sponsored by
     the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL), the Interest Group in Pure
     and Applied Logics (IGPL), the European Association for Logic,
     Language and Information (FoLLI), the European Association for
     Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS), the Sociedade Brasileira de
     Computacao (SBC), and the Sociedade Brasileira de Logica (SBL).

     Research contributions will be presented on all pertinent subjects,
     with particular emphasis in cross-disciplinary topics: foundations of
     computing and programming; novel computation models and paradigms;
     broad notions of proof and belief; formal methods in software and
     hardware development; logical approach to natural language and
     logics of programs, actions and resources; foundational aspects of
     information organization, search, flow, sharing, and protection.

     Olivier Danvy (BRICS)
     Anuj Dawar (Cambridge, UK)
     Makoto Kanazawa (Nat Inst of Informatics, Japan)
     Sam Lomonaco (U Maryland Baltimore)
     Mark Steedman (Edinburgh U)
     Henry Towsner (CMU)
     Nikolay Vereshchagin (Moscow)

     Lev Beklemishev (Utrecht)
     Eli Ben-Sasson (Technion)
     Xavier Caicedo (U Los Andes, Colombia)
     Mary Dalrymple (Oxford)
     Martin Escardo (Birmingham)
     Wilfrid Hodges (Queen Mary, U London) (Chair)
     Achim Jung (Birmingham)
     Louis Kauffman (Maths, U Ill at Chicago)
     Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt)
     Leonid Libkin (Edinburgh U)
     Giuseppe Longo (Ecole Normal Superieure, Paris)
     Michael Moortgat (Utrecht)
     Valeria de Paiva (PARC, USA)
     Andre Scedrov (Maths, U Penn)
     Valentin Shehtman (Inst for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow)
     Joe Wells (Heriot-Watt U, Scotland)

     Mauricio Ayala-Rincon (U Brasilia, Brazil)
     Fairouz Kamareddine (Heriot-Watt U, Scotland, co-chair)
     Anjolina de Oliveira (U Fed Pernambuco, Brazil)
     Ruy de Queiroz (U Fed Pernambuco, Brazil, co-chair)

     S. Abramsky, J. van Benthem, J. Halpern, W. Hodges, D. Leivant,
     A. Macintyre, G. Mints, R. de Queiroz


     Inter-Deriving Semantic Artifacts for Object-Oriented Programming
     Olivier Danvy and Jaco Johannsen

     On the Descriptive Complexity of Linear Algebra
     Anuj Dawar

     Talks on Quantum Computing
     Sam Lomonaco

     On game semantics of the affine and intuitionistic logics
     Ilya Mezhirov and Nikolay Vereshchagin

     Conjunctive Grammars and Alternating Pushdown Automata
     Tamar Aizikowitz and Michael Kaminski

     Expressive Power and Decidability for Memory Logics
     Carlos Areces, Diego Figueira, Santiago Figueira and Sergio Mera

     Reasoning with Uncertainty by Nmatrix-Metric Semantics
     Ofer Arieli and Anna Zamansky

     A Propositional Dynamic Logic for CCS Programs
     Mario Benevides and Luis Menasche Schechter

     Towards Ontology Evolution in Physics
     Alan Bundy and Michael Chan

     Interval Additive Generators of Interval T-Norms
     Gracaliz Dimuro, Benjamin Bedregal, Renata Reiser and Regivan Nunes

     PDL as a Logic of Belief Revision
     Jan van Eijck and Yanjing Wang

     Time Complexity and Convergence Analysis of Domain Theoretic Picard
     Amin Farjudian and Michal Konecny

     Matching and Alpha-Equivalence for Nominal Terms with Variables and
     Christophe Calves and Maribel Fernandez

     On the formal semantics of IF-like logics
     Santiago Figueira, Daniel Gorin and Rafael Grimson

     On a graph calculus for algebras of relations
     Renata de Freitas, Paulo A.S. Veloso, Sheila R.M. Veloso and Petrucio

     One-and-a-halfth order terms: Curry-Howard and incomplete derivations
     Murdoch Gabbay and Dominic Mulligan

     Labelled calculi for Lukasiewicz logics
     Didier Galmiche and Yakoub Salhi

     On Characteristic Constants of Theories Defined by Kolmogorov Complexity
     Shingo Ibuka, Makoto Kikuchi and Hirotaka Kikyo

     An infinitely-often one-way function based on an average-case assumption
     Edward Hirsch and Dmitry Itsykson

     Adversary lower bounds for nonadaptive quantum algorithms
     Pascal Koiran, Juergen Landes Natacha Portier and Penghui Yao

     On Second-Order Monadic Groupoidal Quantifiers
     Juha Kontinen and Heribert Vollmer

     Using alpha-CTL to specify complex planning goals
     Silvio Lago Pereira and Leliane Nunes de Barros

     Hyperintensional Questions
     Carl Pollard

     Inference Processes for Quantified Predicate Knowledge
     Jeff Paris and Soroush Rafiee Rad

     Skolem theory and Generalized Quantifiers
     Livio Robaldo