AISB Workshop: Sensorimotor Theory Workshop

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A day of discussion on the Sensorimotor account of Perception, Consciousness  and Robotics, its development and contemporary state.

The first in a series of AISB members' workshops an event to promote the study of Embodied, Embedded, Enactive and Ecological cognitive science.

Registration is FREE to AISB members

- email AISB membership number (if known) to ma901am [at]

- AISB UK membership £40 standard / £15 reduced

"This workshop aims to provide an insight into the contemporary state of Sensorimotor Theories and their place in modern Cognitive Science. Particular focus will be given to J.K. O'Regan and Nöe's 2001 paper "A sensorimotor account of vision and visual consciousness", including how both authors' work has since developed and diverged. An overarching aim will be to describe how Sensorimotor accounts relate to Enactive accounts: whether they are synonymous, compatible, or even mutually exclusive. We invite comparisons of the strengths and critiques of Sensorimotor accounts as compared to more established, and more radical theories. We seek to clarify the scope of Sensorimotor theories, the subjects over which they provide the greatest explanations."

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