AISB convention 2017

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In the run up to AISB2017 convention, I've asked Joanna Bryson, from the organising team, to answer few questions about the convention and what comes with it.

Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie

Tuesday 28 June 2016





I've started by asking Joanna about the organising team and the time when  AISB2017 convention is going to be held. Here is what Joanna said:

Myself (Joanna Bryson), Marina De Vos, and Julian Padget.  It will probably be held 19-21 April of 2017, during University of Bath's year-long 50th anniversary celebration.  But we may add a workshop/tutorial programme on the 18th or even another day of symposia depending on how much enthusiasm we get on the call for symposia.  We also hope to schedule tours or discount spa visits for Saturday 22nd. So basically, save the week for us!



Why do you think University of Bath is a great host for this event?

Well, Bath is a really beautiful city with unusually good weather, historic buildings, excellent pubs and restaurants; and great tourism all around. We are planning one night to have a reception in town in the Roman Baths, then have people split up and go to a variety of restaurants, then do a pub crawl and hopefully all run into each other again.  It's a small, safe city so you can do that. The main conference dinner though will be the night before, on campus, and there will be sign-ups for the following night's restaurants at the dinner and then also at the breaks on the day.  We really hope people will get into the spirit of AISB and visit a good number of symposia as long as they've come out to Bath. AISB has always been about being highly interdisciplinary and building a community. No one can know everything about intelligence, but AISB really brings to AI not only technical capacity but scientific knowledge and humanist discourse. We need all of these as we work to accommodate AI and Society to each other.

As to the university, up until a few years ago I would have said it was an odd choice, since we didn't have much commitment to AI here. But we've always had an excellent location between Bristol and Oxford with UWE, Plymouth, Newport, Cardiff and Birmingham all within striking distance. And now the University has made some major machine learning hires with Mike Tipping, Neil Campbell and Kwang In Kim joining our existing vision experts, Peter Hall and Darren Cosker. We are also very good at robotics, HCI, and autonomy with Pejman Iravani being very active in the robots and vision community. Finally, we have the Institute for Policy Research, which we all now realise that AI is affecting all of economics, labour, health, quality of life, politics, privacy and individual liberty. Also, Bath has the Centre of Digital Entertainment. So overall, it's been a matter of both Bath and AI maturing, and as they have, growing closer to each other.


What topics are you expecting to the hot trends of this convention?

Well, our theme is "Society with AI". So probably AI Ethics, Human Robot Interaction, Machine Learning and Human Autonomy, AI Components of Human Institutions, The Simulation of Human Behaviour, Transparency in Socio-Technical Systems, Robots as Erotic Partners. I could imagine all kinds of innovative and really worthwhile as well as fascinating topics across the computing and social sciences, and into the arts and natural sciences.


What are the social events your team is planning to organise?

I'm sorry, I described these above! And anyway, what's more social than a symposium? But we are also trying to organise tours to Bletchley Park, Stonehenge,  and Spa Weekends for those who want to stay until Saturday.


Anything you'd like to say?

Yes, but I have a blog for that :-)


Many thanks to Joanna for giving the AISB readers some insight into the forthcoming AISB2017 convention. There will be more information on the AISB website, Twitter, and the weekly bulletins as more information become available.

What is certain is that AISB2017 convention is going to be a dynamic, exciting event with many symposia for all the AI and SB scientists, researchers, PhD students and enthusiasts. We are looking forward to meeting you all, watch this space!