University Courses in AI and Cognitive Science

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Undergraduate Courses

A large proportion of universities in Britain offer some kind of AI or Cog Sci at undergraduate level. Often, this is within other degree courses such as Computer Science or Pyschology. Since there are so many different options, we do not list them all but recommend that you visit UCAS to find out about what is available. Once you have found a course and a university you might be interested in, you are recommended to contact the department for more information.


Masters Courses

There are also a large number of taught masters in AI and Cognitive Science related subjects throughout Britain. For a full list of potential courses, you can visit the Prospects or Hobsons webpage. Here are a selection of courses that may be relevant:

Artificial Intelligence - University of Aberdeen

Advanced Robotics - Essex University

Applied Bioinformatics - Cranfield University

Applied Informatics - Napier University, Reading University

Artificial Intelligence - City University, University of Edinburgh

AI for Games - Bradford University

AI for Robotics - Hertfordshire University

Bioinformatics - Brunel University, De Monfort University, Exeter University, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Mary, Manchester University, York University, Leeds University, East Anglia University

Cognition and Computing - Birminghman University

Cognitive Computing - Goldsmiths College

Cognitive Science - Edinburgh University

Cognitive Systems - Leeds University

Computing and Intelligent Systems , University of Ulster

Intelligent Systems (IS) and the MSc Intelligent Systems & Robotics - De Montfort University

Computational Linguistics - Essex University, King's College London

Informatics - Edinburgh University, Kingston University, Northumbria University,

Cybernetics - University of Reading

Knowledge Discovery and Datamining - University of East Anglia